Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm gonna send you a million smile!!!!!!!!!!

Hello bloggazzz!!!!!!!! 
If you let me telling you what I'm scream about. YEAH!!! I MISS YOU!!! TOTALLY!!!!!!!!! no lie,,'s like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh,, if blog is a human, I'm gonna hug, kiss it, and heyyah..

I'm so sorry for my absent. that's gonna be a long long story. more than a train, more than every longer thing in this world. 
I'm online now. not usually I write an online posting. I usually write on my laptop first, then post it later. but now,, I'm here. telling you with my honest heart. yeah,, you gonna see what I wanna talk.

so,,lately I'm busy about my school. you know, senior grade is always make me busy. exam, homework, exercise, blah blah blah. but I have my biggest news to all of you guys!!! I LOST MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!! T.T hiks,, hiks!!! asfdjhsapqwr!!! it's gonna be suck to the CORE!!!!!!!!!!
It's been stolen while I sleep at my room. the thief was walk so slowly to my room and take my laptop. I saw it in CCTV camera. 
but,, it's okay,, I've forgotten now. 
okay,, telling you about my school. next 3sept later, my school gonna held a entrepreneurship launching. I'm gonna sell a FRUIT SQUASH juice. you have to buy it, okay!!!!
ehm.. hey I want it guys!!!!!!
is that cute??

Okay,, I'm speechless. so,, I'm going now.. keep following my twitter and my blog