Thursday, January 01, 2015

Comes to an end

Dear God,

Tonight in planet earth, we are celebrating a new year. Which make me feel sorry for the throwing-fireworks that ruin your sky which already beautiful. So let me just sit here and write this blog post that make me feel like we’re sitting in a cozy couch and I try to pour down my feeling and gratitude for you.

2014 has been, uhm, wonderful. I've found myself become more happy, less sad and top of everything, you allow me to slowly discover some pictures of my gigantic puzzle.  Even though life feel so hard sometimes, but I glad to have you through.

And I wanna thank you for the countless opportunity you gave me this year. For every beautiful scenery I've seen, every thrilling experience, every beautiful city you allowed me to visit and every single happiness I've felt. Thank you so much.

Not everyone is being nice to me. But I wanna thank you for such a big-heart you gave me. I know I couldn't have everyone on my side, so I let them to pass by.

And thank you for the idea and courage to start my own Happiness Project in March. Because as soon as I start it, I’ve been meet my local favorite band twice. Although I never be a real-fan of them since then, haha. And then I create Pudee, my very-best puppy because he will never ever barking or complain. And it release me from having to deal with its feces such as if I have a real puppy, haha. I feel so grateful that March has been so stressing so I start my happiness project that help me to be a person that less-complaining, less-upset and less-angry. One thing that now I realize :

Happiness is not the thing that we should pursue. It something within ourselves that we should feel.

And also, I should be grateful for the sorrowful September that get me a chance to learn about self-compassion. Which then lead me to be more mindful about my life. I learn a lot from that. It lessen my stress level and I somehow become more compassionate towards myself.

And now that I just wind up my craft business earlier in December, I come to realize that it become easier for me to let go of something. It’s like, I feel sufficient as long as I got my own self and you to guide me through.

Life is balance that way. We feel incredibly happy, but something might come up and make us sad. We feel sad sometimes, but then we learn something from our sadness. Perhaps, we lost something but another good thing might come up without we knowing it. So in the end of this year, I just wanna say thank you so much for the chance to be alive. For the opportunity to pursue all the things that matter to me. Yes, there are some obstacles and I slipped sometime. But thank you for making me able to look from the good side in every situation. Thank you for 2014.