Thursday, September 27, 2012


Jumping jumping!!

I remember the time when my friend gave me a link of one blog competition. I never join such blog competition -except giveaway (is that count? :3)- before, so I think it's nice to try this one. I click the link and directly join because the step is quite easy.

But I never thought that yesterday, I received a mention in my twitter that I selected as a winner of ISBA 2012 SEPTEMBER YOUTH AWARD . It was like a honor for me. I mean, I consider my self as an amateur blogger because I just blog for the reason that I like to (said before in here).

Friday, September 14, 2012

D.I.Y Self-made Notebook

Hi gorgeous!

After a long, tiring and depressing week, I've finally found my 'peace' now. Wrestled with college-life lately make me forget about some burden in my heart. Yeah, mom is also being nicer when I'm not in home. It's like she have more attention for me when I'm not around. Hopefully we can get along more....intense?

Truthfully, first week of college is a meaningless week. I mean, lecturer just come for five or ten minutes for introduction and fill the attendance. I should just skip this week without any worried about miss some lecture. Hahah. And actually, I'm not a really good student in class (I once said this in here). I'd rather fill my notebook with various doodle than write what the lecturer taught me. So, in order to enhance my learning-interest I have an idea to make my very own self-made book. Haha. Remember my notebook design I share on my last post? Now I come with the tutorial of it. DIY post is always be my favorite post, because it's a-so-fun-to-do post. Don't you think so, buddies?

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Greet me with smile

Could you remind me when the last time you give me your sincere smile? Because I lost my memory.
Hi buddies! How's life? Mine is not pretty good since I'm so freakin tired of everything. Couples day of relaxing my body hopefully will enough for me. Last week was just like )*#@*&#%*&I# week. I become the comitee of orientation week in my campus. It was my very first time I involved in any organisation at school and become the comitee of such a big event in my campus. And yeah, it's freakin tired yet fun.

Something bother me recently. Mom was made me cry a lot, but nevermind. I've found my serenity bit by bit. And anyway, college will start tomorrow. Hopefully it will help me to give my smile back.

Haven't prepare anything for the new semester. Even I'm still in my hometown now and maybe tomorrow too. Buuuuut I have prepare to make my very own self-made book. I love crafting, remember? 

The one in left is the cover. I want to make it look simple and effortless yet still vintage so I decide to use that floral pattern and put my simple signature name on the cover. It look sweet, don't you agree? 

And the one in the right is the contents. I hope the watermark will not break the cleanliness of the book, no? 

Now I still searching for a good paper to print the cover. I think about the glossy one, but I'm afraid it will break my vintage concept. Somebody have recommend?