Saturday, January 28, 2012

The worst day ever!

Today I decide to cut my hair,, "just a little bit" I said to the salon artist. But tadaaa,, my hair is perfectly damn ugly now. Huuuuuu,, I feel like want to attack the salon artist and yell out loud on her face. "YA!! This is the worst haircut I ever have!!". But unfortunately, the salon artist is my mom's friend. T.T 

I feel like want to cry when the first time I see my new haircut. I really mean it. I cry a lot when I drop by home. So frustate ,, disappoint, and aaaah angry. But I can't blame anyone. And the rice has become porridge. I can't do anything other than sorry. :c

This is the worst and soooooo asdfghjkl TACKY. I was so traumatized, and I promise that I never want to cut my hair anymore. Especially in people that can't be trusted.

I feel like want to cry when I see my old picture of me. With my 'used to be' long hair. T______T

I swear that the worst day in a month goes to you!! 

my 'galau' tweet after cut my hair

Monday, January 23, 2012

Break time & Li Lo La Giveaway

Having another 'ME TIME' after through 2 hard weeks of semester exam. Just online, tweeting, and blogging now. So happy that I finally reached my house after such a long time. \(^^)/

Ah ya,, there's a giveaway I join recently. That one is from Live, Love, Laugh from Karina Dinda .R. She's so kind, and her blog is so wonderful. And we have a same idol (you know, 2PM) hhahaa.. She just make her very first giveaway and the winner will get a cute dress from Hanake Shop (and it is import from Korea). Just click here for the further info. Don't forget to join it too.. ;)

Well,, nothing much left to say. Just wanna make a little post before January is over. So, bye reader..
Annyeong.. :D

Ah ya,, Happy Chinese New Year,, bloggaz.. \(^o^)/

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The power of twitter

I still think about the tittle of this post and I think it kinda lol. Idk why, just feelin that it wasn't my style talking about something like this. Hihi. :p

Well, I tell you why I put these tittle. As you know that my blog lately is just full of giveaway post about other blogger and I feel like join some giveaway is my new hoby now haha.. I never get enough of it now after got 2 giveaway from Veren Lee and Ivy Sie. Thank's for them, btw. It's made my blogging mood raise up now. 

And it's not just because of luck. I think I won it because twitter. hihi. I never got any giveaway before. But start from Veren Lee's giveaway, I tweet it every time I blogging and I think it make a bigger chance to win that giveaway. Yeah, that why I call it, The power of twitter.

Hey, I think about to make over my hair. any suggestion? I kinda bored with my hair and I need a new style to refreshing my day. I want to "bob" my hair but my friend tell me that it unsuitable with my face shape. I have a thick and long frustrating hair and I think about "smoothing" it but I still love my natural hair. It make me "galau" :p

hair clip from lollypop shop giveaway. yeay! ^^

I'm on my semester exam this until the upcoming week. Wish me luck and get a good IP. ^^
Anyeong readers.. (:

I suddenly think about adopt a pet. It must be a cute animal like a little dog or cat with a lots of fur. hihi.. That's gonna be so cute.. <3 But it may can not happen coz my mom hates a pet. 'it will only mess the house' -____-'