Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hi, bloggaz! *hug*

Sorry for neglecting this blog for such a long period. I barely have no time for my own self with bunch assignments and projects that have to be done. But I always enjoy being busy. Moreover, it's all the things that I enjoy to do like social work, designing, learn new things, organize an event and such. Hopefully the result will worth every stress. (:

Meet a lot of people from morning till night drained my introvert energy so tragically. Therefore, weekend is the perfect time to recharge. And blog was always be my perfect getaway for having me time. Writing blog for me is the time of fading from my routines, wander around the fantasy and pour it into this virtual world. What about you? What's your favorite thing to do in your me-time? Shopping spree? Watching movies? Well, I do enjoy both actually. Haha

Truth to be told, re-designing this blog is also listed as one of my projects. At first, I want to make the template by myself. But the thing is, I still learn html5 and stuffs and haven't understand much about xml so yeah. This is what I can do for now. More fixing will be

I get this template (for free! :D) from 54Blogger. I've been digging the web searching for a simple and responsive blogger template and found this template which called Responsival and I'm going "Nah!". 

Oh, do you know what 'responsive design' supposed to mean? Try to press Ctrl+Shift+M on your keyboard (only if you're using Firefox :3) and find out what you can do!

No need to shrink your phone/tablet screen anymore (;

Visit my latest wordpress blog. I write more often there now (:

Happy weekend!