Thursday, December 26, 2013


Lately :
Cutting my hair a little too short and being sad right afterwards
But after a few consideration and a little more cut (I have a fringe again, now. Like, it feel so awkward at first. Tehe :3) I feel more relieve. Sometime we should learn to let go something we love, right? (;
Haven't shoot any photo of my self with my new mushroom-kinda-hair yet. So, no photo. Hehe.

♥ Two projects I currently working on
I always want to join a social project since about my own social project is clogged. And now, I'm one of IT & Creative rangers of Future Leader Summit for 2014. It's very exciting to work with another youngster that also care about social issues. 
And oh, beside that one social project, I also working on my new crafty business (as I mentioned in my previous post) which we call our product as inotes. ^^
We create customized notebook for gift, any occasion, or daily needs. And I'm currently working on our instagram and tumblr, but it's not finished yet. So please, bear with me. For now, you can ping me via e-mail or twitter if you want to order the notebook. ((:
(update! The tumblr is now online on : ^^)

Get myself a very first skirt & dress that I bought by my self
Never have a skirt or dress before, except uniform or get it from a gift. But now I get my self a new season. Just bought a cute pink skirt (actually, I bought it because it's cheap enough. Hehe), and I even bought a floral dress. ((:

Organizing my first event as a Firefox Student Ambassador
Haven't mentioned in my blog before that I'm a Firefox Student Ambassador now. Organize a small workshop with my Doscom pals and also a #MozKopDarSMG (Semarang's mozillian meet up) with a Mozilla Representative (and also a blogger!) from Jakarta, mbak @rara79.

Launched inotes and join a creative expo on campus
Launched inotes on a creative expo held in our campus.Though our social account is not finished yet, and we haven't launched our first collection. Haha, but that's fine. Success comes from process, right? (;

- Joining a national-blogger-gathering "Blogger Nusantara 2013" in Jogjakarta
Join a national blogger gathering in Jogja called  Blogger Nusantara 2013. It's not a well-organized event, truthfully. But meet a lot of blogger from around Indonesia is one precious experience for me. I even met a kid blogger! :D

inotes notebook I made especially for BN2013 (:
Visiting Jogja Digital Valley!
Take a chance to visit Jogja Digital Valley for the very first time after BN2013. Can't be more happy!

2 good friends who accompany me along BN2013. We called our trip as #NdamparInJogja since we really have no idea about Jogja. Hehe XD

Having a new family in a new home
Such a new family I have in my boarding house now. I'm the youngest one that I usually being so spoiled among them. Haha :D

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Feeling enough

The key is feeling enough. 

Discovering someone else's mistake may disappointing. But that's life. We create mistake and learn from it. Be thankful, because life keep going.

Past mistakes doesn't make someone become bad. Attitude, it is. The key is, feeling enough. I'm enough with criminal as long as they good to me. I'm fine with Christians or even atheist as long as they're a good person.

I'm fine with my life, but actually my virgo side of me is feeling: 

Stay tune on my blog. I'm currently working on my new crafty business. (;