Friday, August 31, 2012

Sparkling color - Difference

I'm sorry for being so sorrowful in my lately post. You know, it just a fluctuation of my teenage soul. God, I'm so labil. :\ But let just skip my gloomy part beause you know, my creative alert is now on fire! We're gonna talk about color. yay!

Speaking of clotch color, my favorite one is always be white. Though I'm not restrict buying some clotch in another color, but the one that firstly attract my eyes always be white. I just don't care if other people say that buying something in white is risky. It's gets filthy easily, and somehow...boring. I still am loving white as ever. I do love green color in favorite-color way. But everytime I try to fit any clotch in green, it always looks weird so I just keep up with white.

But then I take a look at my closet and realized something that I'm unwittingly love buying some cloth in red-related color such pastel-pink and peach. Although I'm never actually love red or pink but yeah, reality tell me different. Looking my blog interface make me think "omg yeah, I must be love pink that much". lol

Some says black is cool
Some says white is pure
Yet I believe the other color is also great

Some says silence is better
Some says hustle is way more fun
Yet I believe they are all right

Colored denim from Buffalo Jeans

Anyway, I'm falling in love with colored jeans and recently discovered a beautiful collection by Buffalo Jeans. I always love wearing jeans, yet I don't have any of them in colorful tone. Should I go for experience? 

So guys, what clotch color that you love the most?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tenderling balade

Couple times ago, I heard a friend telling me that my life is certainly so easy. To be honest here, it's not the first time I heard that kinda thing. But I'd rather just half-hearted agree with it. I can't blame them for their impression of me. As if you know me in person, I'm indeed a very cool person. I take some problem calmly without complaining other that I have some burden in my heart. It's not about falsity or trusting. It more about habit. I'm indeed not an open-person from the very beginning. Even I'm not sharing my story with mom. 

As I grown up, I start to feel exhausted. My heart felt like want to explode but I couldn't find it wick so I just keep going like this.

Btw, happy independence day for my beloved country, Indonesia. We still have bunch homework to solve but I believe we can be a better nation. As what I said in my last year post,

Let's just not focus on our "Bad things" only. Everyone is just blaming for the government who doesn't run the affairs of government properly. I know they're wrong. But let's focus not only on other people side, but our self. Try to ask your own self "what have you done for your own country?"

Since I realized that I'm still nothing and have no contribution for my beloved country, I try  not to blaming other people for what happened to Indonesia now. Blaming is not the point. Action from each of folk is foremost needed.

And if you guys could help me to pick, which one is look best on me? I have trouble choosing what hairstyle that fit me best. Side bang, front bang, or side braid?

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's a girl thing

I believe every girl born with high-fantasy ability. We always love to vision our future, dreaming about live as a queen or princess in a kingdom. That's why million fairytale are exist and barbie doll is never die. Because 'dreaming' is our thing. 

I remember when I was in kindergarten, I love to play sand with my friends, build my own palace, set up my palace furniture and set up my own princess-room. Using my mom facial-cotton as a bed, my school pencilcase as a car, also paper-art as my dress collection. It's ancient but always be a fun-memories.

Speaking about princess, I bet everyone think about white dress, long wavy hair, and crown perched nicely in head. Now in this modern era, we can use long white dress or lace dress to create princess look. For me, lace dress is never fail to make someone look more feminine and vintage. 

Mango Silk long dress

Bonvieux Rapunzel Sheer Dress 

For footwear, we can use ankle strap sandals to give more romantic and feminine sense. 

Women's Dyeables Violet from Onlineshoes

Miss KG Halle Strappy Sandals from asos

Princess never forgetting her crown. So you may simply use flower headband or hair-crown to represent the crown-sense of princess.

For final touch, we can add a simple promise ring and make it perfect! 

Promise ring from My Jewelry Box