Friday, August 31, 2012

Sparkling color - Difference

I'm sorry for being so sorrowful in my lately post. You know, it just a fluctuation of my teenage soul. God, I'm so labil. :\ But let just skip my gloomy part beause you know, my creative alert is now on fire! We're gonna talk about color. yay!

Speaking of clotch color, my favorite one is always be white. Though I'm not restrict buying some clotch in another color, but the one that firstly attract my eyes always be white. I just don't care if other people say that buying something in white is risky. It's gets filthy easily, and somehow...boring. I still am loving white as ever. I do love green color in favorite-color way. But everytime I try to fit any clotch in green, it always looks weird so I just keep up with white.

But then I take a look at my closet and realized something that I'm unwittingly love buying some cloth in red-related color such pastel-pink and peach. Although I'm never actually love red or pink but yeah, reality tell me different. Looking my blog interface make me think "omg yeah, I must be love pink that much". lol

Some says black is cool
Some says white is pure
Yet I believe the other color is also great

Some says silence is better
Some says hustle is way more fun
Yet I believe they are all right

Colored denim from Buffalo Jeans

Anyway, I'm falling in love with colored jeans and recently discovered a beautiful collection by Buffalo Jeans. I always love wearing jeans, yet I don't have any of them in colorful tone. Should I go for experience? 

So guys, what clotch color that you love the most?


  1. hi kelimutu, i love the way you write the post.

    choose the blue one <3

  2. loving lime green, mint, and pastel pink.
    I was talking about the discovery of Haley Greens, one of my alter egos, she is the fragile side of me, I do believe that I am as beautiful as I was born to be, It's just a part of your life when you grow up in such sensitivity of not feeling good enough and perfect enough, a loss of vanity.

    1. cool! I love all color that you mentioned.
      I see now, it just humane, dude

  3. i remember my old pair of purple jeans... they don't fit me anymore, (instead of growing out of them, they're now actually too big for me) but i really liked them!


    1. lucky you. I always want one pair in pastel or bright color.

  4. yes, i do love white. you'll never wrong with it. but, play with the other colors was so fun <3 you just have to try it <3

  5. beautiful pants :) I'm following you now :)

  6. Sorry for the late reply!! Speaking of your last comment about The Sims3, I don't have the genuine one I only have the pirated one. If your friend don't mind for the pirated one I can lend her mine :D how about it ^^ ;

    PS. I used to love white colour clothes but my mama hated it sooooo much so I never buy one anymore. I love red, and pink ^^ also black =P

  7. I love coloured jeans too, wish I had more!

  8. It's funny how I just read another blog's post about someone saying that white shirt is always beautiful in any way& you say it here that you love it haha you'd look pretty in white top and one nf those colourful jeans <3

  9. I give respond to your comment on my blog, but ya i need a side job.

    and for your post, white is always a basic, you need more than one piece of white then let the statement stuffs works its job, like jeans, I prefer the blue one or red one, while white jeans to risky, of course with pastels, they will look ugly when not clean.

    Herdiana Surachman

  10. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  11. I really craving with some rainbow outfits too :(
    wanna follow each other maybe?

  12. red and mint is awesome! :D

    come join my first giveaway~

  13. >.< rubyyyy is same with youuu, already in college :( hahahaha rosa is still in high school.
    right now I'm craving for red jeans and mint :D

    yep yep! @rubyrubyyy and @taniaarosa


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