Monday, June 25, 2012

Fashion Against Bullying

I'll face my semester exam next upcoming week! Gah! Time flies so fast. I've been busy with nothing but college thingie. 

Bad blogger? I know, I sucha bad blogger nowadays. Lack of topic, lack of post, and rarely browse your blog to blogwalking. So sorry guys.. It just me, who feel over dosis for internet. But I promise to be better after my exam! Yet now I come with a new header and button. How it look like? Fresh, rite?

So, have you guys ever heard about this Fashion Against Bullying campaign project or many blogger simply called it FAB? I think I'm being called of this project. 

This is actually a very brilliant campaign by WhatIWear, which take a topic about fashion bullying. I can't say that I experienced this kind of bullying. First, because I'm a person who didn't care too much what people gonna say about my fashion style. The second because I -myself- feel that I always respecting other style of fashion, so that's what I -feel- also should take from others. 

I'm an art worker. I'm immensely realize that fashion is one of art. It's the way people showing their self and their creativity. But sadly, my family is blind on fashion. I know most of girls must be love to shop, expecially with your mom rite? Nah, it's fun for you, but for me it's hell. My mom was a stick-in-the-mud person when it comes to fashion. I never willing to shop with mom when she ask me to. Or when she told me that she would bought me some cloth, I always refuse it. Because we have a totally different fashion style. Even sometime she forbid me to dress as I want to, just because she assume that it looks freak. Yeah mom, you should know me more..

People who live in city must be grateful because most of the townsfolks had been more open-minded about fashion, while the neighbor in my village was still conservative about it. When I dress a little bit weird, they certainly mock behind me. 

"Wearing clothes seems like an easy thing to do each day? Well not for today's youth. Some youths even believe wearing the 'wrong' clothes can lead to social suicide. Nowadays, freely expressing your style seems to be getting repressed by bullies who view fashion as a way to leverage their status, discarding the actual value of fashion : freedom of expression."

I personally want to join this campaign as well. But I can't manage it now, so I think it best to do it after I done my exam. You may also contribute for this campaign, by clicking this link -> here. It direct you to the sign up form of FAB website. There you can contribute your look, wearing FAB (could be your DIY) tee and share your fashion bullying experience. 

Arnold Teja - Luthfi Darwis - Wisnu Genu - Ario Achda

Marcella Caroline - Melody - Anastasia Siantar - Clara Devi

Ready for your own FAB look, guys? 

♥ Idk why I suddenly passionate to earn money for my own self. I mean, I was 18 and still depend on my parents? Gawd! I couldn't troublesome them a bit more. I want to be independent but I clueless about this. -__- I think about to be an enterpreneur, but what will I sell? Gah! I getting freak.

♥ And guys, I recently join this Closet Voyage Giveaway by Jiawa Liu. Click here for further info. ;)

♥ I can't be more happy this month because there are tons of blogger helding their giveaway. This one I recently join :
Anastasia Goenawan 'birthday giveaway'. Well, not actually a birthday givaway haha. She's so nice to giving out a ribbon lace short from Gowigasa and a super lovely pink dress. In case to short it, just goes to this link guys! -> de la VIE BELLE: Birthday Giveaway

Sunday, June 17, 2012

From Prada to Nada

Hello blogger! 
Did you notice that I've been disappear for a quite time? I think I'm over dosis into internet, so I take a break time for awhile. Weird, huh? haha, sometime I'm being a nerd indeed. 

I rent 3 movie last weekend. It was a very long time since the last time I've been there because I lost my member card and just change is with a new one now. So I'm exploring their website before going there to search what's hot then I pick Shark Night, Piranha, and From Prada To Nada. I'm eager to watch that kind of animal killer movie (idk why, just so) so I pick Shark Night, and Piranha. And I pick the Prada to Nada to be my eeriness antidote. But I choose to review the From Prada To Nada one first. Going to review the others on the next post. But I can't promise. haha

a Riches To Rags Story

It's weird for me to review a movie, yet since I don't have any topic and this just the only option I have. So, I'd love to hear some critics and comment from you guys. :)

So, FPTN was a typical western romance-movie. The story of two sister (Nora and Mary) that was from a rich family but then falling into poverty because their dad was passed away. They have to face the fact that their dad's company actually was bankrupt and leave nothing for them but dept. Moreover, they're actually have a half-brother from their father's affair. 

They had to moved to Mexico since they had expelled by their wicked half-borther's wife, Olivia. This is where, their nada-life begin. Nora was typically an independent girl, she never get into relationship because she think that it will ruin her career and focus. Contrast with Mary's character that so into-fashion. And she loves to shop and her favorite brand is Prada.

I can't say that I like Nora's character here (she's smart, but kinda prude or something), but indeed she was better than Mary. I really dislike a girl who just minding about her appearance and think about nothing but have fun. Because life is more than that, girl! I -my self- have a thought that someone must to have at least one action to contribute for someone else's life. What I mean is 'helping'. I personally thought that there's nothing we can more proud of ourself than creating someone else's happiness. Agree? 

Okay, so here is the cast of FPTN :
  • Camilla Belle as Nora
I was familiar with her face, but I can't remember what movie I saw her before. But I have to admit that she was awesome in this movie. She lived her character perfectly. An independent, smart girl, respectful, and great elder sister. I have to say that I'm affected by her charisma, her soft but firm voice, and her exotic skin. 
I know, maybe it was in the past, but still, Joe Jonas? really?
okay, now I no longer wonder why she get along with all those handome guy. she indeed was very beautiful. 
  • Alexa Vega as Mary
Being a shopaholic, prada girl, easily melting for a man, pampered little sister, she played it perfectly. I personally recognize her as Lindsay Lohan at the first time. She kinda have a similar face with these smooth patches around her nose.
do you agree that she look similar to LiLo, or maybe it just me?
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Edward
He's the sweet man one in this movie. The way he show his love to Nora is just too sweet. His character in this movie was totally my type. Smart, good, and frank man. Perfect mate for Nora who so self-righteous. 
I saw him at the first time at Final Destination 5 -as Sam Lawton- (I know, this movie is earlier than FD 5, but I watch FD 5 first, k?) and falling for him directly. Can't believe that I meet him again in this movie, because I don't pay much attention for the cast when I google it, I just read the review story. He's such a hottie, and sweet. :)
  • Wilmer Valderrama as Bruno
I'm quite sure that he's not one of Mary's type of man at the first time. But with all his kind-hearted treatment for Mary, she's finally melting. I may call him as Mary's secret admirer because he always show his love for Mary in an invisible gesture. It ofc make some girl confuse whether he loves her or not. But Mary's character is not that dumb in this movie (ofc since she was -seemed to- experienced much). 
  • April Bowlby as Olivia
She's the only antagonist character in this movie. Without her, ofc this movie is just plain (the use of protagonist character is just nothing without the antagonist, rite?). Olivia's character here was wicked (as usually antagonist do), and haphazard. She's reconstructing Dominguez's house so arbitrarily without considering the Dominguez family side. 
  • Alexis Ayala as Gabe Dominguez
He actually love his dad. Unfortunately, he never saw his dad till he -his dad- passed away. He struggle to preserve his dad's work space when Olivia try to reconstruct the whole of the house. He's such a lovable person. The most touched scene of him was when he got a letter from his dad which Nora keep for a quite long time. Mary gave him in Edward engaging party when Nora try to get Edward attention's back. She's trying to say that she love him too, but she can't tell that day. 
Well, Angel Gracia (the director) was succeed made this sweet comedy-romantic movie. All character was presented perfectly and smart. Yeah, I love smart character. They present two of it, perfectly. The first was Nora (Camilla Belle) ofc. Actually she loves her family so much, and typical sister who love to protect her sister. I love the scene between her and Mary when Nora said that Mary's attitude was somewhat cheap, then Mary said that it was better than have to be a spinster. Yes, a dilemma.

This is a perfect light movie to watched in weekend with your friends, or bf/gf. I rate this 4 from 5 (for typical comedy-romance movie). 

The Dominguez sister in premier. Oh, Camilla's outfit was kinda something.  I love the color tone, but did she have to show her printed ribs, seriously? looks so skinny, darl. 
Upcoming Review : 


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Sunday, June 03, 2012

[Review] Puffy 3 Tones Grey Circle lens from Lensvillage

hellah fellas!
Kinda miss my typically personal post after bustling about that charity project (please, kindly read, coz I still need a lot of support). So, I try to post one of my draft now, that is my promise to review the circle lens I got from lensvillage. 

Puffy 3 Tones Circle Lens (in Grey)
I honestly got the package quite long time ago but just have an opportunity to post it now. And to be honest here, this is my first lens so I kinda have some trouble when I try to install it for the first time. But dont worry,I used to it now. 

I give you the short review from the website :
The Puffy three tones makes you eyes sparkle in three different tones. The outer black rim surrounds an inner design made of two colors. The inner colors can be blue, brown, green, grey, pink or violet. At $19.50 these lenses provide value for money. With a width of 14.5mm they are guaranteed to give a wide eye look and make onlookers wonder in amazement. These make your eyes feel relaxed throughout the day.
Power Available : 0.00 to -10.00  
Price is for 2 pcs of lenses / 1 pair
Life Span : 1 Year
B.C : 8.6mm
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Origin : South Korea 
This model is manufactured by Dueba and labelled under DollyEye watermark.

Personal Opinion :
The first time, it's kinda weird having something inside my eye. I tears a lot during my first try. But yeah, I have to admit that it give different impression from my original eye. I love the combination color of this lense. They said grey, but it kinda greenish (my fav color) when applied on my eyes. But I think it's not quite good for dialy use since the color is kinda un-click with my face-tone.

Goes here to order it via