Monday, May 30, 2011

that's my BEAUTIFUL FUTURE.. :)

Let's take a look on my blog?? I change almost everything. The background, banner, color, and whatsoever. Is that just super cute?? I just like pastel color nowadays because I think it reflects warmth, and I feel so peace when I see pastel colors. To be honest, my favorite color is green and white, but I love all kind of pastel color too.

And yeah, my life is pretty much fun this week. I mean, I meet my old friends, and about my graduation, and everything. So because pretty much happy now, I decide to change my blog appearance too. I hope it brings me  an effect to always being happy in the next time.

well,, anyway.. I still can't believe that my high school time is over. I spent such a fast time there. I've learn many thing for this 3 years. All the smile, laugh, tears, story, all the things in high school has already make me getting mature. And yeah,, it can't just that easily to forget. 3 years seems like too short for joyful moment such in high school. I'm gonna miss you so much guys!! ^0^

Hmm.. My mind is full of thoughts about college honestly. I think, I'm a bit afraid for my next step. I mean, I'm not that fully sure about my choice. I just worry whether if I've made a right decision or not. Teknik Informatika?? Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Udinus?? I still can't believe I'm gonna be college student. And to be honest, I can't believe about my track more. No matter how much I want to be an interior designer, I just can't turn down my destiny now. However, my lecture schedule has planned on next June and everyone know that it's a really fast time. 

Now there is really no other option but to walk on what have been planned now. Regrets also not used now. Besides, I'm not kind of person who likes to regret the step I've taken. Now what?? -_-

Even if I rack my brain to think about what I have to do now, I still can't get a clear answer. But I know for sure that I have to responsible for my life. I mean, even it's not me that have made this decision, but I still have to responsible because I don't have other option. And I think, Udinus is not that bad. I just wanna face the fact now. 

Maybe I just too much dreaming. Dream about how interesting if I become a designer, and how fun if I have my house that I have built it my self. Yeah.. ._.

Now we don't have much time to relax
Because there's a BEAUTIFUL FUTURE waiting for me to get up from my dream and face the fact 
that she have to act with certain step

 I have to get out from my safe zone and prove the world that I can reach my highest dream and life happily ever after.

Pretty much it. 
kelimutu. xoxo.
 bye!!!!!! ^^

Friday, May 27, 2011

I hate to say 'goodbye' to you guys!!

Whoohoo!! Finally.. After 3 years of books, exams, and whatsoever, I can officially announce you that I'm a Vocational Scool graduates. *claps!! plok plok plok!!

Just have my graduation ceremony today. I think that is one of my unforgettable moment of my life. Feeling random exactly. Happy, sad, confused. Ehm, but the happy is the biggest one for getting hmm 90% of the chart. Being happy because I meet everyone that I damn miss them so much, and because of our 100% complete graduated student, and for such a glorious ceremony, almost everything on today is making me happy. But the sad side is because its seems like everything is gonna be over. I mean, everyone is saying "hey, this is our last day". And I just like "hey, are you going to die?" *ups, sorry just joke. I mean, "Oh, come on! I know we have a good time for our 3 years. We have so much fun, laugh, smile, jokes, and so much wonderful moment. Honestly, I feel so sad too. I know I'm going to miss the time we have spent together, but I just look forward and realizing one straight point. That time maybe is beautiful, but we have to responsible to our own life. We still have to fight on the next step of our life. There's still a plenty things to do. I mean, we just can't stuck on our high school time, right? Life must go on guys! I have no regret to leave my hometown to come to Purwokerto and spend my 3 years to study, share something, learn to be more wise, learn to being mature. If there's a time machine in this world, I wish I could rewind it to my high school time. But the time just can't go back."

Feeling happy for 15 students who gets the big five of 3 studies program on my school. My 2 classmates is on the following big five on TJA study program. Bikin envy aja tuh mereka.. =="

Anyway,, being a little bit confuse about something. But I think I'm just too tired to talk about it. It's morning already, and I don't have sleep yet. Maybe I talk about it next time,okay??

Ah ya,, I just read a wonderful poetry made by Ichaa. Well,, I like it to death! I mean, this poetry is seems like represents my feeling recently.

Allah , boleh aku letih sebentar saja ?
Semuanya terasa gelap .
Ruang ruang yang harusnya benderang terasa begitu gulita.

ingin aku meluapkan segudang kekecewaan yang hingga kini bertahan dan belum juga enyah dari hatiku.

Allah , aku tau Engkau selalu ada jika aku benar benar mendekat kepadaMu .

Allah , aku terjatuh lagi . Boleh aku terlelap sebentar sebelum aku bangun ?

Allah , ketika aku benar benar tak ada kekuatan untuk menjawab semua pertanyaan tentang hidup, boleh sebentar saja aku berfikir tentang itu?

Allah , mengapa aku terasa begitu lelah ? Banyak hal yg membutuhkan semangatku .

Tapi mengapa seakan lebih banyak hal yang membuatku jatuh semakin dalam ?
Mengapa belum juga aku temukan kekuatanku sendiri ?

Lagilagi aku berfikir tentang orang orang yang menyakiti hatiku.
Boleh aku mengumpat mereka sebentar saja ? Hanya untuk memberi obat hatiku Allah ,sebentaar saja

Allah , boleh aku memandang ia jahat karna telah membuatku menangis ? Sebentar saja Allah, sampai air mataku berhenti dan tersenyum lagi.

Allah , boleh aku mengabaikannya saat aku membutuhkannya tapi ia tak ada ? Sebentar saja Allah , sampai aku sadar bahwa aku mampu tanpa dia.

Allah , aku ingin meyakinkan orangorang yang menyayangiku ..

Allah , aku ingin membuat mereka tak marah karna selalu melihatku mengeluh kepadaMu

Allah , aku ingin membuat mereka tersenyum melihatku bangun .

Allah , inikah sebuah pembelajaran ?

Allah , aku tau semua jawaban telah Kau beri untukku .

Allah , ijinkan satu persatu kujawab pertanyaanku sendiri melalui nafas yg Kau isi dengan lantunanMu Allah
I will never give up!!
I believe, my next step is gonna be more beautiful than today. :)

What comes is BETTER than what came

just believe it

Ah ya,, I forget to tell you guys. I'm so sorry.. My Lie to me's synopsis project maybe would canceled because I think it's too hard for me. And I have to start my martikulasi on 10 June so I think I will not have enough time to make the synopsis. Hopefully I could make one in the future. I'm so sorry. But you can watch it online on Azdrama or Dramaload. For the last time, I feel damn bad for you guys for not keep my promise. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm just fine, okay?

What I always dreamed of in this world is when I say "I'm fine!" but someone is telling me "You're not. I know it. Come here, I give you my shoulder". Uhhh,, I really need it badly now!!

Arrrrgh! Sometime I want to be someone else. Someone who have a life better than mine. Perfect. Is there any perfect life in this world? Chhh,, stupid question. NOTHING. So I can be calmer now. There's no perfect life in this world, mut!

Okay, maybe you ever felt like you're the unluckiest people in this world. But look, there's more thing worse than yours. Just thank to your god that you still have a complete body, family, and everything you have in this world. You have to thanks for it. 

Fall, is an ordinary situation of life. It just the process to make  people understand about their mistakes and make it up so you will not do it anymore in the future. The positive side is, Fall making someone become stronger than someone who never felt it. 


Close your eyes now
Take a deep breath.. 
Imagine that you are in the super beautiful place with someone you love.. 
Imagine that you got everything you want to have
Isn't that make you happy and smiling now??
If yes, you can open your eyes, and look around you. 
It was just your dream.
Now you have to wake up from your sleep.
But don't be sad, guys!
You still on the beginning of your story. 
There's million thing you have to reach now. 
So lift your head up!
You have plenty things to do

Broke? you call me I'm broke now? anniyo! I'm just fall down. You know, broke and fall down is different. Broke is crash and need a super glue to make it up. I like fall down rather than broke. Because fall down mean that I can get up anymore next time.

Rather than aiming for being perfect,
aim for being better than you were yesterday. :) 

So, let's forget everything now. 
Try to find a reason to smile.
And now, let me take a picture of you. 


See? you smiling now. :)

Lie to me

Lie to me

Hey ho!! Jadi, karena ini drama perdana yang bakalan aku recaps, jadi lebih baik pake bahasa sendiri kali yah,, dari pada pake English gue yang belepotan. Dan, sepertinya lebih afdhol kalo gue pake bahasa sendiri, jadi lebih clear, dan gampang dingertiin (*mengingat Bahasa Inggris gue yang berantakan kayak gudang). 

Dan, karena ini drama baru, jadi gue mo ngenalin para cast-nya dulu niih..


* Title: 내게 거짓말을 해봐 / Naege Geojitmaleul Haebwa
* Also known as: Try Lying to Me
* Previously known as: 달콤한 스캔들 / Sweet Scandal
* Genre: Romance, comedy
* Episodes: 16
* Broadcast network: SBS
* Broadcast period: 2011-May-09 to 2011-Jun-??
* Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

* Yoon Eun Hye as Gong Ah Jung
Yoon Eun Hye sebagai Gong Ah Jung

Jadi disini peran Eun Hye adalah jadi seorang pegawai negeri. Dulu dia ikut test jadi pegawai negeri karena ingin mengejar cinta pertamanya. Tapi ternyata dia malah dicampakan dan bahkan cinta pertamanya itu bersama sahabatnya. Setelah bertemu lagi dengan teman-temannya saat dia telah berusia 30 tahun, akhirnya dia terpaksa berbohong bahwa dia telah menikah.

* Kang Ji Hwan as Hyun Ki Joon
Kang Ji Hwan sebagai Hyun Ki Joon

Hyun Ki Joon adalah seorang eksekutif muda. Orang tuanya telah meninggal dalam suatu kecelakaan dan dia dibesarkan oleh bibinya. Hidup Ki Joon sebetulnya sangat damai sampai pada akhirnya dia harus ikut dalam kebohongan yang dibuat Ah Jung. 

* Sung Joon as Hyun Sang Hee
Sung Joon sebagai Hyun Sang Hee

Sang Hee disini berperan sebagai adik dari Hyun Ki Joon. Namun kehidupannya sedikit berbeda dari kakaknya yaitu Hyun Ki Joon. Suatu hari dia bertemu dengan Gong Ah Jung dan akhirnya ikut terlibat dalam kebohongan itu. 

* Jo Yoon Hee as Oh Yoon Joo
Jo Yoon Hee sebagai Oh Yoon Joo

Jo Yeon Hee adalah seorang Designer yang merupakan teman dari Hyun Sang Hee. Dan ternyata Yoon Hee ini merupakan mantan tunangannya Gi Jung. Seteleh perpisahannya dengan Gi Jung, dia pun pindah ke Paris. Namun 3 tahun kemudian dia kembali ke Korea.

* Hong Soo Hyun as Yoo So Ran
* Ryu Seung Soo as Chun Jae Bum
* Oh Mi Hee as Hyun Myung Jin
* Kwon Se In as Park Hoon
* Park Ji Yoon as Manager Park
* Kang Shin Il as Gong Joon Ho
* Lee Kyung Jin as Shim Ae Kyung
* Kwon Hae Hyo as Hwang Suk Bong
* Kang Rae Yun as Rae Yeon
* Song Ji Eun as Ji Eun
* Kim Bo Yun (김보연) as Bo Yeon
* Jang Woo Young (장우영) as Kim Yeon Nim
* Kim Gyu Jin as Gyu Jin
* Ahn Jung Hoon as Manager Ahn
* Park Hyo Joon as Hyo Joon
* Ja Doo (자두) as Ja Doo
* Min Joon Hyun as journalist
* Danny Ahn as Ki Joon's friend (cameo)
* Choi Yoon So as arranged marriage partner (cameo)

Production Credits

* Chief Producer: Jo Nam Kook
* Producer: Jo Sung Won (조성원)
* Director: Kim Soo Ryong, Kwon Hyuk Chan
 * Screenwriter: Kim Ye Ri (김예리)

Review : 
Gong Ah Jung seorang pegawai negri harus terlibat kebohongan yang melibatkan dirinya dengan seorang eksekutif muda bernama Hyun Ki Joon. Hubungan mereka bertambah rumit setelah kedatangan Oh Yoon Joo (mantan tunangan Hyun Ki Joon) yang sudah 3 tahun tinggal di Paris kembali lagi ke Korea. 

Yaaah, mungkin ceritanya terdengar seperti drama korea biasa yang mengisahkan tentang pernikahan palsu, dan lain lain. Tapi karena kali ini pemainnya adalah Yoon Eun Hye, gue jadi semangat 45 buat bikin sinopsisnya. Berhubung sekarang juga lagi jobless banget abis graduation, dari pada nganggur nggak jelas kan mending share something ke kalian. Ya nggak, ya nggak? (*sight)

Tapi nggak janji juga bakalan lancar yah. Soalnya ini baru pertama kali juga aku bikin sinopsis jadi mungkin sambil belajar juga dari yang lain. Please banget buat yang baca ntar comment yah biar aku tau dimana kekurangannya jadi sinopsis yang aku buat ntarnya bisa lebih baik. 

Oke kiki, SEMANGKA (Semangat kaka! *ting!) fighting!!

sorry,, I have to cancel my project to make this recaps. I have reason for it. But I really sorry about it guys. But you still can read the recaps from the other blog.
Recaps : 
Or you can watch it online on : 
Drama crazy 
Drama Load


It's a brand new day!!

I'm back again. It's a brand new day. Uhm, so I think I decide to make a new topic. As you know that I like korean drama sooo I think I will make a synopsis. Yep, yep, yep!! Synopsis. (*claps)

Uhm, did I tell you in my previous post that I recently watch Lie To Me drama because the main cast is Yoon Eun Hye? So,, because I really like her, so I decide to make recaps for Lie To Me. Hellyeah! :)

But I think its a little bit hard for me, because you know I'm new people in this case of blogging. So, I really need your advice badly so I can improve my post or fix my mistakes maybe.
I need your support guys!!
<3 <3 <3
Rizki Dwi Kelimutu

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm curious, why people being happy on a farewell party?

hi!! I certainly sure if post man is suddenly becoming an important person today. I even find him on his office but the fact is, THE POST OFFICE IS CLOSED. May I ask why?? why in this critical situation, they actually closed?? whooah,, super duper suck. Oh,, fortunately I heard from my own teacher that I HAVE GRADUATED!! hellyeah!!

Maybe everyone is wanna say "Let's party it up!". Actually,, I just want to answer it like this "Oh come on, what the hell that for?". I will underline the "what is that for" sentence. I'm not going to say that I hate party, have fun, or something. I just don't really like it. I mean, don't like is not the same as hate,, okay?
I know, sometimes I feel it too. Some feelings that "hey,, I want to feel it too", "hey, let's catch some nice dress for the farewell party". I ever think about it, I admit it. But, the most annoying feeling is when I feel "what if some friends is otherwise not graduate, or "what if some of my friend is get sick and can't go to the farewell party?" and sooo on. There's many thought that make me unsure to going there or not. And I swear,, my biggest reason for not coming there, is because of the ROAD. You know,, I live in Tegal, so if I want to attend the farewell party, I must be on Purwokerto on 20th May. Ohh,, god! you know,, the road that connecting between Tegal and Purwokerto is affected by landslide. Oh my.. I really can't bear my self for the super long traffic jam. Hell no!!
Okay,, but despite of it all, honestly,, now,, I'm a  little bit passionately to going. Yeah!! It's because my school is 100% passed this year, so I think I have to celebrate it. I mean,, I celebrate for our graduation,, and not for the farewell. But let's just see if I coming or not..

Sooo,, I think its so boring to talk about farewell party all day. It's because my life is getting better than the farewell party part. I mean, I really enjoy it nowadays. You know my biggest dream right? its about interior designer,, and I feel like I'm a real designer now. It's because, you know my new room,, like everybody that know me would know that I never want to live in a room without decorate it up. hellyeah.. ^^ so,, you got what I mean?? I mean, I have a new project. yippie!!

Things I like the most nowadays :
1. Korean drama
    yes! I totally fell in love with it. I mean from "endless love", till "dream high" and till the next next next drama. The next target is "lie to me" because Yoon Eun Hye (my favorite korean actress) is become the main cast. Naega jeongmal joh-ae. yeah! you know what?? I even learn hangul now. let's just see how long I will master it. hihiiii..

2. Papercraft
    Maybe when you entered to my room, you will got confused if its a room or studio. My room is full of papercraft toy, paper, cutter, scissor, glue, and so on. Yeah! I getting freak of thats stuff already. I will post you the picture next time.

3. Blazer, Cardigans, and vest
    I don't know why. But I think,, I've already fell in love with that stuff. I mean, thats all is super cute..
The white mini blazer.. uhm.. it's totally gorgeous!! love it! <3
the greenish white vest. ommo! that's my favorite color!

okay,, I think I talk a lot tonigh. so, bye!
see you next post!
.Rizki Dwi Kelimutu.