Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Strongest Friend Ever!

Her name is Ferina Aquila. I know, Aquila is a quite unique highlight of her name. It remind us to tequila because it just simply similar. We're on the same class in the first year of junior high school. She's one of the smart girl on class. Though we're not very close at first, but I must admit that she's really inspiring.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Google Week on Campus - Dinus University

Do not spell it wrong, people. It's Dinus (stands for Dian Nuswantoro University). Many people often surmise Dinus as Binus, so I'm just trying to clarify the thing up here. Hehe :D

So, it was an event held on my university (Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang). It's sort of event arranged by Google student ambassador of my campus to introduce Google app especially for education and business.

The event it self is held for 4 days from 11-14 June 2013. The first two day is the seminar and the third & fourth days is for workshop. The workshop quota was full-booked when I try to register and I just get the seminar entries. So, here is the recap:

Day 1 - University day

The speaker of the first day was Mbak Pepita Gunawan (@pepitaholy). She's an Indonesian, but work at Google Singapore as a program manager of education. She explain us the overview of Google apps for education (just like, -you know- gmail, google calendar, google doc, google drive, and some more).

Google has many apps that we could utilize to simplify our work. Many of us still using manual way while there are plenty technology we can use (even for free!). So, this seminar held to introduce the attendees how to use the Google apps in their daily activity.

Oh, there also the GSA (Google Student Ambassador) explain about the advantages of some Google apps like Google Site (it's different with blogger), Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google +.

Google Corner

Day 2 - Organization and Business Day

The most interesting day of the whole event (haha,in my opinion loh ya). So, the second day of the seminar mostly talk about utilizing google app for business and organization. The speaker is from local community called GBG Semarang (Google Business Group Semarang), Mas Jefri/Uje.

I came late, so I can't really tell the about the whole event. But it mostly is about Google Adwords and the speaker was sometime talk about Youtube Partnership. Whereas I really want them to talk about Google adsense and Google wallet (which I don't know it well). But it's quite interesting because they're talk about social media! (haha, my wordpress reader should've known about this).

Everyone, really should to Go Google!

To view complete album of the event click here. // More info about the event here. // Images credit goes for the event comitee.