Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Strongest Friend Ever!

Her name is Ferina Aquila. I know, Aquila is a quite unique highlight of her name. It remind us to tequila because it just simply similar. We're on the same class in the first year of junior high school. She's one of the smart girl on class. Though we're not very close at first, but I must admit that she's really inspiring.

She was suffering from soft tissue sarchomas or rhabdomyosarcoma disease (type of cancer) since November 2011. I can't imagine how does it feels because she was on her first semester when she know her disease.

Actually, I don't like being in a hospital because I can't stand looking at people suffering. But she was really cheerful when I visit her this morning. Last week is her birthday (June 14 to be exact) that's why we brought a petite cake to celebrate her very late birthday (anyway, teteup ya, happy belated birthday Mper! :D ).

By the way, the good thing is that she's also a blogger! Yeah, she's still eager to do something even in her condition (what I admire the most of her). And her writing is amazing even from the very first post! Seriously, I notice that some blogger (including me :3) do any-kind-of silly post on their early post. But hey, you better check her blog HERE to prove my words.

And yeah, she's indeed the strongest friend I've ever had! Get well soon, Fer! :D

Btw, you can reach her by twitter too (@mperinaa) (':


  1. hopefully she will get well soon. bring my love to her rizki.nice posting

  2. get well very soon for her, sending my prayer to her :)

  3. How long has she been resting in the hospital? ): Seeing people being cheerful in such a condition is always inspiring, isn't it?

    Freedom & Its Owner -

    1. it's been almost 2 years she's suffering from soft tissue sarchomas. Yeah, you know that..


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