Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Turning 20

I'm turning 20 today. People say your teenage life is over on 20. It can be scary for some people, as well as for me. But I think we can just always do whatever we want to do as long as we take the responsibility. So, thought that I will always be a girl no matter how old I've reached. Hahaha :D

The feeling of being 20 is like walking in a new different road. And I'm wondering, how will the scenery look like? Is it gonna be a fun journey? Sort of questions. It freaks me out a little bit, but I know I'll be fine as long as I'm being honest to my self. I mean, we're the one who always know what makes us happy, right?

It was my plan to dedicate my this year birthday for my self. A whole day of me time. Doing things that I love to do, buy things that I like, wear my favorite piece of clothes, eat good food. All the things that remind me that I have a wonderful life. (:

For me, birthday is the moment to reflect what I've been doing on my life. I know, I haven't share much impact for my surrounding and I still have lots of bucket list to accomplished. Therefore I still have bunch of homeworks. But I can't thank Allah enough for gave me this beautiful life. I know I'm walking the right path for the past 19 years because I have God who guide me through this time.

Turning 20 may freaks me out a little bit, but in the other side, turning 20 also sounds exciting for me. I mean, I think it's the time to think about to get a job, or start a new bussiness, or study harder in order to reach my every single dream. Planning the future is always exciting for me.

My parent would be the luckiest parent one because I never beg them to celebrate my birthday even on my 17. I mean, celebrating our self for getting older? Pssh, that is sooo mainstream. Hahaa, one of my creativity rule is "Do not do mainstream." Hahaha :D

But despite it all, getting an USA visa would be a best birthday present ever for me. Hehe

Aaah, how growing up is a good thing. (:


  1. Hey happy birthday! :D
    In the age of 20s is a perfect timing to plan what will we do in the future.
    Btw, i dont celebrate birthday too :p

  2. Heyy happy so late birthday! :)
    I never celebrate birthday too, usually it is only family dinner. Ever since I ngekos by myself I never really do anything too XD hahaha!
    being 20 is far more awesome that you can imagine :D sadly I'm leaving my sweet 20 in less than a month ;.;

    1. ahaha, no need to worry. still a long way to go kok. ini blogger-blogger kok kompak banget pada nggak celebrate birthday semua :D

    2. Heheh~~ Emang yang lain juga ga ngerayainkah? Aku ga gitu ngerti, kayanya banyak yg ngerayain gede2 an gitu ;__; tp dasarnya aku ga suka sih soalnya jd pusat perhatian ahaha ga nyaman gitu :3

    3. I mean, yang comment disini kok pada kompakan nggak celebrate birthday. hehe
      Yep, that's one of my reasons too. :D


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