Monday, July 30, 2012

Forever Childish

I thought I was doing things right. When someone eventually make me realize that I'm not. I finally found out my self in a different angle. I was so selfish back then, I just do something that I want, pay less attention for other people advice. I believe what I like to believe, though the other things not necessarily wrong. I finally realize that I actually a hypocrite. I used to say 'I'm fine' when actually no. I have a simple yet disenchant me of many precious things today. I may not completely wrong. I just don't know how to. Today I learn that we should get a recipe before we try to cook something.

What worst is, I sometime feel afraid of being scolded when I do something wrongly. Then it ended up with me doing nothing. I'm drepressed? Yes. Yet now a best motivator for me is a good book and some good writing about psychology and such. If only I still have my long hair. I love to make a side braid of my hair whenever I feel like in a teribble mood and believe or not, it kinda relief me and I feel more better miraculously (when I braid my hair).

Thought that today I decide to post something that not typically. I doubt this before, but I decide to post it coz it actually noted in my 'to post list' so yeah. I come with the old dress of mine which I wear it differently than the normal way. It's kinda awkward to talk about this, but yeah I try to enjoy. 

I don't have fancy stuff in my closet, but I try my best creativity to make it more watchable. The dress (or not actually a dress?) is consist of two apparel. The red stripes top and black bottom. I add a basic black tee and polkadot bow clip (actually a hair clip) to create a different look of the dress.

Truthfully, I kinda have a hair treatment last week. I smoothing it! Something that I feel guilty about. I used to have a fluffy hair. Then I thought it would be great if it become more 'slim' and smooth but it turn out more limp and asdfghjkl weird. I look like have a mushroom hair now. Okay, maybe it just about the haircut. I try to love my current hair. Just in case to appreciate my choices. Now my next homework is to find out what's good for my typical face. I have a rounded shape, slanted eyes, chubby cheek, and thic lips which I don't know how to deal with them. I have to learn more how to put make up on them. 

I'm 18, but still looks so childish whatever I wear. Or maybe I have to grateful for my younger look? Thanks chubby cheek! 
And oh, I now have a lookbook. Please hype to give me more spirit to keep up my work.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's have a sail !!

Beep beep! Hi! 
As I promise that I'll post more often, so I come here now with 2 post a day. Haha, I know the preview one is the IT project thingie, but well.. 

Didn't I said happy fasting month before? Haha, I know it's late but yeah,, Happy fasting month guys! May Allah bless us a lot this month. Btw, these photos taken when I went in voyage along with my father and grandma. Grandma told that she want to be in a ship once before she die (seriously, she said this). So I accompany her to visit my father in Tanjung Priok. Then we went along with the ship till Tanjung Perak. I don't want to babbling here, so let's just enjoy the photo..

the towboat
Tanjung Priok crowd

stair deck
Entrance door

haha, I know this is unimportant. :p
Tanjung Perak, Surabaya
Can you see the Suramadu trestle there? 
It's too late now. I have to sleep since I have to get up early tomorrow for saur. Bye bye! Have a nice day all! ;)

The New Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 Review

It's been a year I dealing with IT programming thingie since I majoring IT in my college. Dwelling with C language, borland, code block, and so on is indeed frustrating me a lot. However, I always encourage my self to learn more what is exciting part of IT. I'd like to know where's my passion is. Because I know, it would be much easier if I learn something that I love.

So far, I found out that graphic design and web designing is things that excite me the most. I always love to work with Photoshop, Corel draw, and I currently obsessed to learn Macromedia flash. And when it come that my group have to do presentation, I always be the one who make the presentation. That's why I make my self always keep update with office programming. 

That's why now I want to introduce you the latest Microsoft Office 2013 or . I receive an email from Microsoft a couple day ago informing that I could try the preview version of their new Microsoft office. And fortuity, I was read the news before therefore I've known some new features that make me curious to try. Therefore I download it directly. The file is quite big (approximately 624 MB) so you have to be patient a lil bit. 

The new Microsoft office 2013 has been launched by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in San Fransisco, USA. They said that this application is best use on tablet PC. And it only be used in  operation system windows 7 and the upcoming windows 8. I think Microsoft seems prepared to move on from the successful Microsoft xp. 

You better check this screenshot preview from mine. 

So the following below is my personal opinion based on my experimentation :

1. Interface
At first, it looks impressive. I love their new logo and the color they use. So strong and classy. But not for the interface. They use almost all white color which is sooo boring and prone to radiation. So far I would like to choose Office 2007 as the best interface they have. We can change the color tone within blue, black or grey. And for Office 2010, it is indeed wonderful, but too boring because we can't change the theme or color tone. So, the worst is come to Office 2013. They just provide the background texture which is bring not too much affect for me. 

2. The Features
This application has been used cloud computing feature. Which is you can save your work on Skydrive (just like drop box) and you can access and syncronized it everywhere with the internet connection. They said this new office come with some new features but I think the cloud computing feature is the most striking feature compared with office old version.

3. Power Point template
This is an important feature for me. And they come with some new template. Though the animation and transition is the same as Office 2010, but I found out that it's quite interesting. 

4. The outlook
This is one of my favorite application beside power point. I could access this application almost everyday. So, I can't deny that this application is crucial. But this version is turn out suck. It can't be opened at first so I need to recover and repair the instalation. But when it finished and I try to open it, they can't offer me a fast service. I wait more than 2 hours to refresh my inbox, but it haven't finish till now.

It's pretty much interesting at first. But I kinda disappointed by them. They seems impose too much to launch this version just before they launch the windows 8. But the cloud computing feature is kinda relief me a little bit. Eventhough we can just use drop box or google drive than have to wait microsoft officially sell this new office. However, it just an opinion. Besides, it's  maybe gonna be much interesting if you try this on tablet PC. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Corruption : Wrong way to achieve happiness (#1)

Beep beep!! Hello people. So sorry for lack of update and blogwalking. I'm just busy with nothing now since it was holiday so I promise to post often from now on. ;)

How's goin? Do I miss some news from blogsphere? I just heard a good news from twitter that Kak Diana Rikasari won IYCE. Whoah, it's sure a big good news for Indonesian enterpreneurship-world. She's indeed a inspirator. Congratulation Kak Di! 

So, I come here with a project from Aleena Deandra from Junebug and me called a chained post. The idea is to share your opinions and criticisms towards one social-issue that we picked, then you get to ask another particular person to do the same, continuing your work until it all becomes one long-chained post from different people, full with our different opinions, ideas and criticism. Here're the rules you should follow :

1. You can add your words (all in full English, we don't care how bad your grammar is, no exception) directly after the last person's work, without adding any break whatsoever, so it becomes one clean and well-structured essay. You must add for minimum 1 paragraph and maximum 3 paragraphs.

2. You can add between other person's words, only if it's make sense and you don't get to change other people's words. You can also add some pictures and/ videos and/ links or other necessary stuffs to support your reliable words.

3. Your opinions, critics and ideas can be pros or cons, depends on how you think towards the issue (including the reasonable explanations).

4. After writing your words, you must change the number before the hastag on the post's title (#1) into the next number (for instance #5 becomes #6). Then, you must address this post to ONE particular person you like to continue the chained post. You can just simply add their url on the bottom right of the post (and inform them through any social networks to do the post).

5. Remember, this can only be done once, but you can participate to other chained post (so far, we only have two, from Aleena Deandra and Rizki D. Kelimutu) if you're invited to do so.

6. NOTE : You can't copy or steal this post if you aren't invited, as well as not making the same thing without further notice. But you can kindly promote it.

7. Copy the exact same post & disclaimers as they are.


Indonesia still include on the world's 100 most corrupt country in 2011. Guess why? I think it's because people always look for a job that generate much money for them. Let's go into our deep heart. What you exactly searching for in your life? is it money? I'm not gonna be a hypocrite here. I admit that money is important. But it's not the most important thing in life because we live here particulary for looking for happiness. Don't you agree with me? What we doin everyday, we eat, we buy something, we share love, that's just for the sake of earn more happiness for our self. I know this maybe kinda weird to relate the corruption thingie with happiness. But I have a thought that it less or more relate each other. Sometime they (the corruption doers) do the corruption thingie for the sake of their (or their family) happiness, isn't? So, why don't we teach them how to achieve a happy life with the other way (instead of money, I mean). 

I know one common thing that never fail to make someone happy. That is to do something that they like. If you like to write, then be a writer. If you like art, then be the artist anyway. I know it will not gonna be that easy. But that is the key. Get a job that relate to what you love to do! I remember, Steve Jobs also have ever said that 'we have to try to get know what we love to do'. That's the basic rule of life. The point is, I believe when we have a job that relate to what we love to do, we gonna simply being happy and never have a thought to do something bad to gain more happiness. 


Garten Paradise by Rizki D Kelimutu
A Lonely Puppet by Claireta Teressa