Thursday, July 26, 2012

The New Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 Review

It's been a year I dealing with IT programming thingie since I majoring IT in my college. Dwelling with C language, borland, code block, and so on is indeed frustrating me a lot. However, I always encourage my self to learn more what is exciting part of IT. I'd like to know where's my passion is. Because I know, it would be much easier if I learn something that I love.

So far, I found out that graphic design and web designing is things that excite me the most. I always love to work with Photoshop, Corel draw, and I currently obsessed to learn Macromedia flash. And when it come that my group have to do presentation, I always be the one who make the presentation. That's why I make my self always keep update with office programming. 

That's why now I want to introduce you the latest Microsoft Office 2013 or . I receive an email from Microsoft a couple day ago informing that I could try the preview version of their new Microsoft office. And fortuity, I was read the news before therefore I've known some new features that make me curious to try. Therefore I download it directly. The file is quite big (approximately 624 MB) so you have to be patient a lil bit. 

The new Microsoft office 2013 has been launched by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in San Fransisco, USA. They said that this application is best use on tablet PC. And it only be used in  operation system windows 7 and the upcoming windows 8. I think Microsoft seems prepared to move on from the successful Microsoft xp. 

You better check this screenshot preview from mine. 

So the following below is my personal opinion based on my experimentation :

1. Interface
At first, it looks impressive. I love their new logo and the color they use. So strong and classy. But not for the interface. They use almost all white color which is sooo boring and prone to radiation. So far I would like to choose Office 2007 as the best interface they have. We can change the color tone within blue, black or grey. And for Office 2010, it is indeed wonderful, but too boring because we can't change the theme or color tone. So, the worst is come to Office 2013. They just provide the background texture which is bring not too much affect for me. 

2. The Features
This application has been used cloud computing feature. Which is you can save your work on Skydrive (just like drop box) and you can access and syncronized it everywhere with the internet connection. They said this new office come with some new features but I think the cloud computing feature is the most striking feature compared with office old version.

3. Power Point template
This is an important feature for me. And they come with some new template. Though the animation and transition is the same as Office 2010, but I found out that it's quite interesting. 

4. The outlook
This is one of my favorite application beside power point. I could access this application almost everyday. So, I can't deny that this application is crucial. But this version is turn out suck. It can't be opened at first so I need to recover and repair the instalation. But when it finished and I try to open it, they can't offer me a fast service. I wait more than 2 hours to refresh my inbox, but it haven't finish till now.

It's pretty much interesting at first. But I kinda disappointed by them. They seems impose too much to launch this version just before they launch the windows 8. But the cloud computing feature is kinda relief me a little bit. Eventhough we can just use drop box or google drive than have to wait microsoft officially sell this new office. However, it just an opinion. Besides, it's  maybe gonna be much interesting if you try this on tablet PC. 


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