Monday, March 10, 2014

Tonight, I decide to be a paper girl

Got my self a long list of what should I do on this week. I'm still in the mood of holiday tho, so getting a short paper-crafting-getaway is likely the good idea. Here's a list of what I've been made lately:
     ♥ Femaldev mini notebook
Some small presents for the upcoming month Femaledev workshop when we will celebrate Kartini Day. My printer is still run out of ink, so I can't finish the notebook right away. Should be done as soon as I refill my cartridge.

     ♥ DIY Paper Pinwheels
I've been reading some creative blog lately and I just can't resist not to try this DIY. It's a cute paper pinwheels DIY from stylemepretty. Fortunately, I just bought a new patterned origami paper, so I took it for a try.
even it's reversible! :D

I added a fringe-flower I've made from paper for the third attempt. I've been made the fringe flower since a long time ago, and today I finally have a chance to utilize it. Haha.

     ♥ Turning my waste paper into confetti
Playing with paper bring me a guilty feeling of leaving so many paper waste of my craft work. So, lately I've been keeping the waste for I don't know what is it for. But today, I have an idea to turning it into confetti. Ha!

 Pretty satisfy for the so-much confetti I get, actually. But it's still leaving a less-waste dong. Even It was just half of the waste. Still so much waste remain.

Okay, that's all. Once, one of my friends  said that I'm this kurang-kerjaan. Ahaha, yeah. Maybe I am. But I do enjoy my kurang-kerjaan time more than my busy-bee time. Why do they care about my time, anyway? Haha.