Saturday, November 27, 2010

I want to get away from all this harsh reality

Life is full of exam, right?? And, so do I. I’m gonna be in examination next week. Huuuuuuhh,, you can imagine how bad my next week is. :(

Talking about blog.. I’m realized that blog was a part of my life since several month ago. Blog is the only friend I totally believe in this whole world. It just like my first destination when I feel sad of something. It make me open my mind, there’s a lot thing I didn’t know yet. It just like free world where I can write anything I think about. It just like my own diary. It just like my own magazine. It just like my own biography. It was everything!!!

Now I’m realized how I getting addicted to blogging. I do even forget to go to the library cuz I got everything what I wanna read in blog. BLOG IS OPEN SOURCH KNOWLEDGE. We are share everything each other. I never think to earn money from my blog, because I blog for the reason that I like to. I like to write anything from my mind into blog and I like when people appreciate my post. Blog can immortalize my moment so that I can read this post next time when I get older. I feel enough with it.

And hmm,, let’s change the topic. I suddenly think about my school. Well, honestly I don’t really care about my score. I just feel enough when I understand about the lesson they given to me. Cuz I think that SCHOOL IS ABOUT LEARNING NOT SCORING. Feel so sad when Indonesian student is assume that school is just to get marks and diploma. I even disappointed of many student that waste their school just to look cool. HEY,, SKIP THE SCHOOL ISN’T COOL TOTALLY. You’re an IDIOT if you think like that. I life in this world to get knowledge I don’t know it before so that I can live my life in the right way. That’s what learning for. To find out what we live for.

I do realized now what my live for. I live for learn everything. It doesn’t because I’m stupid. It because knowledge is not limited. There’s no ending for learning. I swear, I don’t wanna stop study. I don’t wanna stop read. I also don’t wanna stop blogging. I do realized now how blog has changed book position on my life. Blog is just like my daily magazine.

It is not just about reading someone post,, it’s about what language they use, what word they choose, what color they pick, what picture they show in their post, it’s all trained us to think creatively. So I can say like this.


All is well, all is well, ALL IS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, for sucha repeating that’s word over and over again. Do you ever watch “three idiot”? I learn that word from there. In that film, when the cast is getting trap in a problem, he just take his hand in his chest and say “ALL IS WELL”. I learn from there. Sooo,, I think everything is better than my last post about that “deep depression” or something. I just met my friend. She’s name is “mba eki”. She just make me feel like I have a torch now. She guide me like as a sister. I never take it from my “real sister”. So sad,,

And hmm.. ya’! do you still remember about my older post about "losing my laptop". anyway,, the thief was arrested. and now,, my lappie has come back to me.. it was super long time I not touch my laptop. huhu.. it used to be my favorite stuff, before I losing it. now, when everything was come back again, I feel like losing my feeling for my lappie. I don't know why. maybe because the data is loose too. Me and my lappie, we lost our chemistry.. so sad.. T.T And feel so sorry for the thief,, huhu.. he don't get my laptop,but still must be in jai. Pitty him..

Ahhhh,, forget about laptop and its frikin story. last friday, my class is mengadakan "enterpreneurship launching part II". You still remember when I tell you about the part one? both are fun enough. but still, I don't really like to jualan. So,, friday night we held it on alun-alun purwokerto. so sad to promote my shop stuff. don't laugh at it, okay? I sell "klanting".. buahahahaha... (you know what is klanting?? klanting is traditional snack. It shaped like ring)  I sell it in limited edition. just 8 stuff. me and my team eat it ourselves. so,, it remaining 6 pieces. And we sell it all!!! haha.. cool,huh?? I have to sell "klanting" while my own body feel so hungry. huhu.. But after this, me and half of my friend (half been going home first) take a dinner together.. hellyeah!! Fried rice is good enough..

anyway,, I've been hoping holiday sooo muchhhh!!! I'm sick of school thing, I'm sick of my false friends, I'm sick of thinking about college, I'm sick of being "dimanfaatkan", I'm sick of home and anything, I'm sick of having holiday at home all day.. no!!!! I don't want to waste my holiday anymore.. I have a plan guys.. do you know that my father was a "popeye"? so,, I want to follow him mengelilingi this whole country. I'm gonna going to Makassar, Pare-pare, Jaya pura, Surabaya, Jakarta and its by ship!! you know ship? it's friend of airplane and train. it's S.H.I.P yehoooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I want to leave all my sick fckng life,, and going in another world. woohooo!!!!!!!! goodbye all!!!!!!!! *soexcited

bytheway, I have one favorite song right now..
it's LENKA-Anything I'm not

I will never be, I will never be tall, no
And I will never be, never ever be sure of it all
Ohm why is the world so cruel to me
When all, all I ever want to be is anything I'm not

Gimme a break, a little escape
I am so tired of being me
I wana be free, I wanna be new and different a
Anything I'm not
I'm not

I will never be, I will never be you, no
I will always be, I will always be me, that I know
But oh, even though I'm hapy being me
I want to get away from all this harsh reality, oh

Gimme a break a little escape
I am so tired of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new and different
Anything I'm not

Gimme a break a little escape
I am so tired of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new and different
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not
Oh, anything I'm not

Gimme a break a little escape
I am so tired of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new and different
Anything I'm not

yeah, gimme a break a little escape
I am so tired of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new and different
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not

it just seems like me.. huhu.. I heart it too much!!

Well,, I’m back again like the ordinary me. Can you see that I’m smiling when I write this post? Yuyhuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rizki D Kelimutu

Sunday, November 07, 2010

If Canada have “Justin Bieber”, so we got “Stop Press”

Can guess what I wanna talk about? Yess,, you’re totally right. M.U.S.I.C

Music was everything in my life. I love music soooo much!!! And now, I’m gonna tell you about my school band named Stop Press. Ehm,, I’m so sorry for maybe “Stop Press Management” if I make their article without any permission before. I just don’t really know you guys,, and I think my blog was not that famous, so okay kan?? I just want to showing my comment. Gapapa kan ya???

So,, I start with the personel. It consist of TriBudi Hastin (as vocalist), AvianRinandhi (as guitarist, back vocal), M.Farizko Nurditama (as bassist) and PrastyawanAji Nugraha (as a drummer, back voc). I like their genre. Kind of something called “rock” or “screamo” just same as Killing me Inside band maybe. I start to love this band because I love Killing me inside. And I think “stop press” was the best school band I’ve ever watch. They’re so talented and just so totally professional unlike the other ordinary school band.
Based on their fan page account in facebook, their band was influences by : Mr. Big, My Chemical Romance, God Bles, Extreme, Sheila On 7, Netral, Rif, Something About Lola, Pee Wee Gaskins, Scared of Bums. I don’t really know why they not write “Killing me Inside” in their influence section.
Although I don’t really often see their performance, but the first time I watch their performance, I though they’re just very interesting. Maybe this just because I like Killing me Inside like you guys know.
Back to “Stop Press”. So, to prove their professionalism, they often join a music even such as SOS (Stematel On Stage), SMG (Stematel Music Generation), or make a show in some cafe such as PITULIKUR CAFE, D’FRON CAFE, KONGKOW KAFE, etc.

Their biography:
SMAGA FESTIVAL : 11 January 2009
STEMATEL ON STAGE : 23 March 2009 (3rd)
And as I write on the begining post that I don’t really know this band, actually they have some song they write their self, but I don’t really know about their original song. So, I can’t tell you more about this band. I just wanna say that I’m proud enough that my school have a school band like they are. I’m totally proud of you guys!!!! Keep ROCK yahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t stop to make music, okay!! 
-Rizki D Kelimutu- 

Let the rain come and we gonna dance with the rainbow!!

Hello guys!!! You may gonna be wondering why nowadays I’m so often coming here and making any post. Actually, if I can make post everyday, I’m gonna make it. But, I just limited of facilities. I’m so sorry guys..

And ahhh,, udah disini berarti musti cerita kan ya???

You ready for it? Sooo,, even there’s rain in the morning, we still come to our school cuz we’re gonna turn the music on. So let the rain come and we gonna dance with the rainbow!! Hellyeah!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jadi gini lho.. There was a music event in my school named SOS (Stematel On Stage) on 6 November ago. First time I got there, the crowd is not as much as I though before. But,it’s ohkay.. after my friend band named “evolve band” show their performance, the atmosphere growing crowded. They’re (evolve band) playing two “ska” song. I don’t really know about their song. I don’t really like ska genre.. Ohya, I’m gonna introduce they’re to you guys. They’re consist of Hendry (on voc), Bondan (as bassist, back voc), Rian (as guitarist, back voc), Iqbal (as guitarist) and gandi (as drummer). They’re the only TJA band from senior grade. Soo,, I supposed to support them!!! Yeah!!!

Talk about the other band. They’re junior grade band named “Bleeding lollypop”. I really like their performance when they playing an Alesana song titled “apology”. They’re sucha great band. They become “The Most Favorite Band”. Congrats!!!

The POP band named “server5” is nice too. They’re playing arrangement of dangdut song titled “Mirasantika”. Honestly,, it’s very nice arrangement. I like it soo much!!!!

There’s only one girl band named “The Jose”. They say that “jose” means “girl” in japanesse language. They’re playing 2 song. One song of Bondan fade 2 black titled “not with me” and vierra song titled “seandainya”. I think the’re nice enough. Yess good!! Haha..

You know guys that I like “Killing me Inside” so much. And in this SOS there’s two band singing their song. That is “Aparat Band” singing “The tormented”. Whoooaa,, I like this song soooo much!!! I think they’re playing a guhreat song. They’re deserve to be the winner. Hellyeah!!! I’m happy for it!!! Cuz I like their performance so much. They singing “Rocket Rockers” song too titled “Bangkit”. I love this song too.. Huaa,, they’re pick a great song. Good job guys!!! You’re ROCK!!!

The another band that singing Killing Me Inside song is “Stop Press”. They’re the guest star. They playing a Killing me Inside song that I don’t really know the tittle. Haha.. but,,, it’s okay lah.. they’re great too kok..

And there’s a band named “Masih Rahasia Band”. Haha.. the name is totally funny!! But I like their performance so much!! They singing Bondan fade 2 black song and one song titled “Manuk dadali”. They’s make that song become so wonderfull!! Totally wonderfull!!! I like their arrangement. They got a runner up. Congratulation guys!!!

Huahhh,, I think I should check out from my blog. I got alot of fun yesterday!!! 
Keep rockin ya guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Rizki D Kelimutu-

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

okay, maybe I really like to dream


I'm back again.. earlier than I though before. and I'm online now.. I write an online post right now guys..
okay, like usuall. I like to think randomly on my mind, something like a box of dream..
haha.. Maybe I was a real dreamer. yah,, mau gimana lagi. Dream is always fun, right. and I know,, life is not just about a dream, I know it exactly and I try hard to make it being reality. 
And yah,, okay. so this is something that I think about lately :
1. Riris tell me that I have to try to make a confession about my heart. ya know, Imma kind of girl that always hide my feeling in front of all the people. I just don't really like when people know what I really feel. Can't they see it just from my eyes?? it can tell you everything!! they really not smart to read people's mind! 
but, ohkay honey. I got your point. I know, you're right. I just don't really like to tell about tell about what I really feel. I just soooooo confused. uhhh!! 
am I have to tell him like this, huh?? it's not funny that you just laugh after I tell you what I really feel. you don't know how it to be like me, girl. you easy to tell someone about everything you feel even it a secret. huh.. I getting jealous with u, girl.
she's riris. that I tell you in point no.1. okay she's pretty,huh?? even if it just a little bit. but, just ohkay,, she's a really cheerful girl. I like her style. she's R.O.C.K !!! wihiiiii.
2. Where should I go to college??
yeah,, like what I said before in my older post,, I getting more confused right now. my mom is just like a coward. she just want me to college in a near town. ow, yeah. it's okay if my house is near of Harvard University, but is it??? huh,, really want to talk as a mature kid in front of my mom, but I always so speechless. pitty me, right? T.T
I really need my family to cheer me up in this condition. but look!! my sister was hellah soooo "stone". my mom.. she's so fussy. she's just bussy with her life. she never want to listen to my story. just tell me everything but never try to ask me what I really feel. she's so selfish right?? I have a big family but I feel like I live alone in this crowded world. huuu.... 
so tell me if you have a suggestion or something okay??
back to my college point. I tell you that now I really want to college in "architecture". you know thing like make a house design, and pick up the furniture, and something about design I really like it all. I really want to be an architect. but, my mom is forbid me to pick an architecture majors. she tell me that it just make you more difficult to take a job. huhhhhh!!! really want to talk to her in 4 eyes and tell to her that "this is my life mom!! I know, you're my mom. but, please, let me choose my own future, please!! I want to be architect. I have such a feeling that I have talent on architecture thing. you just tell me to be a civil servants. I dont want it, mom!! "I don't want to be like what you really want" so,, what should I do now??? 
3. okay,, so if Riris tell me to tell about what I really feel. so,, you can see it now!! I want to make my "heart confession" right exactly NOW!!! but, I just tell the clue, may I ?? gapapa mbok?
* when I'm in 1st grade, I just fell in love our class mate you know kan kalo yang ini?? (****n)
* so, because (****n) was not in our school any longer, so I try to forget about him and getting love with another person. I tell you here, he just look so PERFECT. he's cool, handsome, smart, and tallented. but I just can't tell you the name, cuz you and my another friend was fell in love with him too. (okay, you can guess it now!!)
okay, I tell you more clue. He's so smart. He like photography and really smart on IT thing and stuff. is it just a lot clue?? if you can't guess it you just soo shitter!!
* and now in 3rd grade, I still love Mr.perfect ittu.. but, I just have a little bit another crush with our classmate. but, I just can't tell you the name. he's already have a gf now. so,, I don't want you to know it. you got it?? okay..

and ah, I want to say "congratulation" to Riestanti and Sefiadi for their new relationship. haha,, I know, they just not ina real dating but just haha....

haha,, just kidding lah ya.. haha.. you guys so funny sihhh.. just make me don't want stop laughing. haha... :S
4. back to what "riris said". she also tell me that my dream is too high. but, haha.. I know it girl. and I like it. I was have a principle like "I don't have anything in this world and I'm NOTHING" so,, it spurring me to being a "WONDERFUL PERSON" and make me run as hard as I can to reach "EVERYTHING" I want. you got what I mean??
Okay, I'm just talking too much huh?? honestly, I have a million story I really want to tell you. but, okay,, my "warnet bill" is increasingly expensive. so, maybe we can continue this story later.. yeah,, later. okay???
see ya!!! ^_^
-Rizki D Kelimutu-