Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now that we have to thankful to god for our life

yeah! maybe everything is start to be better. like i start to love animal. i knew, it's like the first time i waste my tears just for a dog. after that i watched "hachiko" yesterday. It's pretty awesome movie about animal i've ever watch. yeah, i never though before there's a kitani dog have such an incredible devotion to his employer. really like the moment when he waiting his employer on the outside of the grand station. however, his employer have dead. now there's a state at the station to remember his devotion.
ah,okay. let's change the topic. so, that i start to love animal, i start to love my self too. my life is better super duper than the last. yeah.. my character revolution is maybe succeed. really like the moment like this when everything is feels so fine..
maybe just one thing that i don't feel it lately. f.u.n! i'm so frikin lack of fun. if fun is a medicine, maybe i wanna buy it super duper lot. yah,this is the risk of my new revolution so ohkay. . i deserve it.
now i just need to try harder for my life next project. and everything will be right at the time. just believe it right..
okay, bye!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Being me, it’s not fun at all

Ohkay, sooo.. my two weeks holiday was so hellah,, nothing. But it gonna be an incredible day if I do one thing. So, I plan to do it someday. Yeah, someday. Why not now? Because I really not ready for it. Sorry,, but I try...
And ah,, as always. Mine is random of a lot of thing. Like, what it be nice to being the other person. Like, someone else except me. Maybe being an artist? Scientist? Photographer? Writer? Ehm, is it gonna be more fun?? Is it??????

Yeah, I’m getting sick of my self. I sick of all my bad habit. I sick of all the bad side of myself. I hate to being myself. I know I got so many talent. But, tell me how to make it to be an incredible thing?? To make everybody proud of myself. I don’t need a praised. Really don’t need it. I just want to be useful for everybody. I just need something that I can enjoy. Something that I don’t find it out yet. Not exactly yet. But, I pray for it someday. Someday. It gonna be someday.
So,, well. Despite of feels so bad ‘cuz of myself, the other reason that I can’t explain is about my fam. Well, it’s a long long story. And I know exactly why it does. But, idk how to tell you about it.

Then?? So, let’s skip the topic. So, my next topic is about the college. You know what?? I’m 17. I wanna go college next year. Yeah, everything is feels so surprising. I believe my mind, it was ready for it. But let’s see my body and appearance. I’m not feeling ready for it. My little body, wanna go for college??? Gosh!! I can’t believe it!!! I wanna do everything that can growing up my body as fast as I wish. I think, maybe I have a body disorder. Oh,no!! just kid! No! I’m not wish for it.
Okay, something like body, style, is that can be arranged?? What about my plan?? Be honest, idk where I want to college? Maybe Yalle? Harvard? Ah, just dreaming!! Let’s talk about the fact. In fact, I really don’t know, where do I wanna go for college. Okay, laugh at me. Okay. I know, this is pathetic, isn’t it?? Got nowhere to go, is just like a vagrant. Not an usual vagrant. But, the college vagrant.

So, I decided to take a STAN try out. I don’t mean that I’m seriously. Just try it. So, I tell my mom, and yeah,, I don’t like her reaction. Not at all!! She thought that I want to go college to STAN? I really have to be crazy! No, not about the unbelievable reason. It’s because ‘hey, I really don’t have a dream to college there. I’m not interested’. But my mom was soooooo exited!! What can I say? Maybe I want to take my words back from my mom about that thing. Am I have to follow myself ambition (for real, idk what my ambition right now), or maybe I have to following what my mom said. I want to make her proud of me. But, this is not the way I want to make her proud. This is the thing I really want to arranged it myself. Hhhhh.. did sometime you get mad on your parents too?? Is it like me?? Parent’s problem is a dilemma..
Cinderella. Is that an incredible word?? Not because the story. Just the name. I really like that name. Cinderella. Is that feels amazed?? Haha.. I don’t know why I talk about this. I just suddenly remember about two thing that have a Cinderella name. First, the Korea drama “Cinderella’s stepsister” and the second one is the blog named Cinderella syndrome”. I like both. Both is really owesome. So, Cinderella’s stepsister is a drama about yah, a new life of a girl with a new stepmom and stepsister. The story is really different from the original version. But, trust me!! It’s more unique, interesting, and more life learning. Yeah!! I like the drama with a lot of problem. I always try to get something positive from the stories.
So, this is something that I remorse about
  • lost my wallet on a mall parking basement
  • lost my laptop
  • lost my diploma (thanks for take it back to me!!
  • always make a problem for my parents. They maybe regret to have a kid like me. But,, just OHKAY.. I suddenly remember about SUM41 song. it’s like this:
I haven’t been home for a while
I’m sure everything’s the same
Mom and dad both in denial
And only child to take the blame
Sorry Mom, but I don’t miss you
Father’s no name you deserve
I’m just a kid with no ambitions
Wouldn’t come home for the world
Never know what I’ve become
The king of all that’s said and done
The forgotten son
The city’s buried in defeat
I walk along these no-name streets
Wave goodbye to home
As I fall…
SUM41-Walking disaster
It’s just like mine. I like this glasses!!!!!!!!
 I buy a heels last week. Not just a heels. A high heels. Can you believe it??
I make this lately. Is it cute enough?


So, for the two photos above, let’s just called her Ajeng. Even if she sooo fussy, but she’s my best fuckin friend.

So, that for 3 picture above, she is my friend, Sofi. I know, she’s not pretty right?? But, it’s okay lah.. I think, she got the talent such us being a model, or maybe? I’m not taking this picture myself. I’m just edit it. The last photo, is she just looked like a HULK? Haha.. :) just joke, kid!
So, everything is still the same. I’ve write so many thing here. I think would have to go now. Thanks for being my friends..bloggaz.
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