Friday, June 24, 2011

My First Job!!

Hey everyone!!!!  I'm on my totally good mood since I have checked my email. That was amazing feeling that I hired to be a staff on Hazhuna blog's. (Hell yeah!!)
Like you know, that I love all about korean drama and kpop so I try to join korean blog which is Sweet Treat. And yeah, thank's a lot Hazhuna for hiring me. I know, I'm not gonna get paid or whatsoever, but this feeling is just like I got my first job. It just make me want to jump or yell or even scream, I mean I pretty happy now to realized that I got my first job (yippie!!!).
So I think I have to try my best on my first job. It's killing me since I have to post at least 5 posts a week and the fact that I'm in my new boarding house at Semarang and don't have any private internet connection. So, I think I have to find a great internet cafe to make me comfort while blogging. You know that I just started my lecture last week so, it must gonna be my busy week ever to started my new lecture and my new job. Yeah, but I have to responsible for it.
So everyone,, please forgive me if I ignored my own blog at this time. Because I just wanna try my best on my new job as a blogger staff. I found it totally interesting. And I feel DAMN excited!!! Can't wait for my first post on Sweet Treat. I think it's gonna be fun!!

Damn! I miss my girl *Ah Jeong (Korean version sayy!! heheh)
Byeff everyone!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pretty much it!

Hellah bloggaz!!
How's your days??? Hopefully yours is full of fun and bless. Mine is pretty random. You know, tomorrow, I will going to Semarang to start my "martikulasi" activity. Yes, I'm a college student. Hell NO!! I wonder how people always want to be 17th on their live. I just feel a different feeling. I wish I always younger than 17. Being  mature is such a suck thing. I wish I always on my teen live at around 15 or 14 maybe. It's pretty fun and full color than have to being older and think about million problem. Yeah, I always want it badly. 
Hellyeah. SEMARANG. New boarding house, new environment, new atmosphere, new life? To be honest, I'm a bit excited about this. But in another side, I'm just feel like it was nothing special llike you know, this is not the first time I'm going to new boarding house. Kinda lazy to leave my lovely house (I hate to leave my lovely room. >,<). And yeah, but I have to deal with it. Let's just imagine that it will super duhper fun and interesting. Although I'm a bit scared to being a college student (I don't know why. Maybe I just hate being older).

still want it badly!!
kinda sleepy now guys. byeff!! ^^

Monday, June 06, 2011

You guys, should to check them out too!!

Hello everyone.. 
I know, I just post something yesterday. But, I think I'm in the mood to post something again now. Anyway, it's not a serious post. Just wanna share some video I found on youtube. Funny and cool video anyway..
You know, I don't have many things to do since it was my super long holiday. And my mom was go to Surabaya last saturday so there's no one can complain about my "lazy day" anymore.
Yeah, this girl is just make me lol. She just good on making funny video. I don't really know about her. So, I'm sorry if I didn't notice her first if I featured her video on my blog. 
Here she is : 

well,, she's funny right?? Well,, I also watch her video covering Baby song by Justin bieber. And her 'peanut butter jelly time" video, it just so disgusting. Hihi.. But, I totally like her video anyway..

And yeah, I also watch another video ofcourse. This one is from PREkustik. Lagi-lagi gue minta maaf karena share video mereka tanpa noticed mereka dulu. Sorry guys, but you allow me, right? you guys just too adorable and so tallented. This is one of their video covering I heart you by sm*sh. They make an incredible owesome project. Love it to the core!!

And yeah,, another cool video from AprilandoS. He make a wonderful great job too.


Sunday, June 05, 2011

Too many things, so what I have to post now?

Hello people!! Seems like everything goes by so fast isn't??
I spent much of my time watching korean drama this week. Pretty much fun, but a little bit boring. I merely think about another activity and I can't find anything but just blogging, photoshoping, laptoping, gaming, twitter-ing, blaaaaaah.. Getting bored of that kinda things. I ever think about what it be nice if I had a DSLR camera, because I'm a bit interested for learn photography. Champ, I just editing a photo of my friend. 

she's name is Aiiiuk canse tiwoel
that's cute isn't? I know, it was not good enough. I think it gonna be better if I took with SLR camera or if I took it myself. But, just okay lah.. Namanya juga baru belajar photoshop juga kan, jadi maklum deh kalo cahayanya jelek-jelek gimana gitu.. kekeke.. :3

Well,, I don't have much time in my home anymore. Like what I have said before that my 'martikulasi day' will be start at next 13 June and I have to move to my new boarding house in semarang on 11 June. Today is 5 June, so it just six day left. Huh! I really need fresh air to refreshing my brain. I just spent my holiday mostly in house. Ofcourse not because I want to keep my skin whiter or something, just because I don't have any transport here. Uhh,, bad, right? I know.. My sister is gonna have a final exam so she have to use the motor almost everyday. I even don't have a small oportunity for having fun out there. >.<

Honestly, there's a lot of things I want to share for you. But I just too confuse. So, I think I just wanna share some picts. Is it okay??

well,, I heart this green dress since you know my fav color is green.  pretty cute.. :)
I want it badly now. SLR camera..>.<
It's time to FOCUS on my next future.