Monday, June 06, 2011

You guys, should to check them out too!!

Hello everyone.. 
I know, I just post something yesterday. But, I think I'm in the mood to post something again now. Anyway, it's not a serious post. Just wanna share some video I found on youtube. Funny and cool video anyway..
You know, I don't have many things to do since it was my super long holiday. And my mom was go to Surabaya last saturday so there's no one can complain about my "lazy day" anymore.
Yeah, this girl is just make me lol. She just good on making funny video. I don't really know about her. So, I'm sorry if I didn't notice her first if I featured her video on my blog. 
Here she is : 

well,, she's funny right?? Well,, I also watch her video covering Baby song by Justin bieber. And her 'peanut butter jelly time" video, it just so disgusting. Hihi.. But, I totally like her video anyway..

And yeah, I also watch another video ofcourse. This one is from PREkustik. Lagi-lagi gue minta maaf karena share video mereka tanpa noticed mereka dulu. Sorry guys, but you allow me, right? you guys just too adorable and so tallented. This is one of their video covering I heart you by sm*sh. They make an incredible owesome project. Love it to the core!!

And yeah,, another cool video from AprilandoS. He make a wonderful great job too.



  1. English nya bagus amat ya, lidah saya jadi salto-salto gitu baca nya...
    maaf nih, lidah desa...
    hehehehhe,, salam kenal...

  2. @just nanda : hihiiiii.. thx kak!! itu aku cuman coba belajar biasain ajj kok..
    well,, salam kenal juga.. :)
    exchange link yuk! ^^

  3. wah, suka juga browse video lucu di youtube yah?

    aku juga sk ntn video lucu, slah satunya @kevjumba di youtube dia jg lucu lho *promosi*


  4. @gracia : iyya,, kadang kalo lagi iseng. suka liat youtube temen2 blogger.
    okay,, kapan2 aku coba search kevjumba-nya.. :D


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