Friday, June 24, 2011

My First Job!!

Hey everyone!!!!  I'm on my totally good mood since I have checked my email. That was amazing feeling that I hired to be a staff on Hazhuna blog's. (Hell yeah!!)
Like you know, that I love all about korean drama and kpop so I try to join korean blog which is Sweet Treat. And yeah, thank's a lot Hazhuna for hiring me. I know, I'm not gonna get paid or whatsoever, but this feeling is just like I got my first job. It just make me want to jump or yell or even scream, I mean I pretty happy now to realized that I got my first job (yippie!!!).
So I think I have to try my best on my first job. It's killing me since I have to post at least 5 posts a week and the fact that I'm in my new boarding house at Semarang and don't have any private internet connection. So, I think I have to find a great internet cafe to make me comfort while blogging. You know that I just started my lecture last week so, it must gonna be my busy week ever to started my new lecture and my new job. Yeah, but I have to responsible for it.
So everyone,, please forgive me if I ignored my own blog at this time. Because I just wanna try my best on my new job as a blogger staff. I found it totally interesting. And I feel DAMN excited!!! Can't wait for my first post on Sweet Treat. I think it's gonna be fun!!

Damn! I miss my girl *Ah Jeong (Korean version sayy!! heheh)
Byeff everyone!!


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