Sunday, June 05, 2011

Too many things, so what I have to post now?

Hello people!! Seems like everything goes by so fast isn't??
I spent much of my time watching korean drama this week. Pretty much fun, but a little bit boring. I merely think about another activity and I can't find anything but just blogging, photoshoping, laptoping, gaming, twitter-ing, blaaaaaah.. Getting bored of that kinda things. I ever think about what it be nice if I had a DSLR camera, because I'm a bit interested for learn photography. Champ, I just editing a photo of my friend. 

she's name is Aiiiuk canse tiwoel
that's cute isn't? I know, it was not good enough. I think it gonna be better if I took with SLR camera or if I took it myself. But, just okay lah.. Namanya juga baru belajar photoshop juga kan, jadi maklum deh kalo cahayanya jelek-jelek gimana gitu.. kekeke.. :3

Well,, I don't have much time in my home anymore. Like what I have said before that my 'martikulasi day' will be start at next 13 June and I have to move to my new boarding house in semarang on 11 June. Today is 5 June, so it just six day left. Huh! I really need fresh air to refreshing my brain. I just spent my holiday mostly in house. Ofcourse not because I want to keep my skin whiter or something, just because I don't have any transport here. Uhh,, bad, right? I know.. My sister is gonna have a final exam so she have to use the motor almost everyday. I even don't have a small oportunity for having fun out there. >.<

Honestly, there's a lot of things I want to share for you. But I just too confuse. So, I think I just wanna share some picts. Is it okay??

well,, I heart this green dress since you know my fav color is green.  pretty cute.. :)
I want it badly now. SLR camera..>.<
It's time to FOCUS on my next future.


  1. i love korean dramas too x) hehe and that dress is adorable!


  2. @tamara : yeah,, kdrama is so addicting. hihiii..
    I know,, I want that dress too..
    I already check your blog. You're so fashionable, dear..
    thx for visit mine anyway..
    Mind to follow me back?


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