Thursday, December 26, 2013


Lately :
Cutting my hair a little too short and being sad right afterwards
But after a few consideration and a little more cut (I have a fringe again, now. Like, it feel so awkward at first. Tehe :3) I feel more relieve. Sometime we should learn to let go something we love, right? (;
Haven't shoot any photo of my self with my new mushroom-kinda-hair yet. So, no photo. Hehe.

♥ Two projects I currently working on
I always want to join a social project since about my own social project is clogged. And now, I'm one of IT & Creative rangers of Future Leader Summit for 2014. It's very exciting to work with another youngster that also care about social issues. 
And oh, beside that one social project, I also working on my new crafty business (as I mentioned in my previous post) which we call our product as inotes. ^^
We create customized notebook for gift, any occasion, or daily needs. And I'm currently working on our instagram and tumblr, but it's not finished yet. So please, bear with me. For now, you can ping me via e-mail or twitter if you want to order the notebook. ((:
(update! The tumblr is now online on : ^^)

Get myself a very first skirt & dress that I bought by my self
Never have a skirt or dress before, except uniform or get it from a gift. But now I get my self a new season. Just bought a cute pink skirt (actually, I bought it because it's cheap enough. Hehe), and I even bought a floral dress. ((:

Organizing my first event as a Firefox Student Ambassador
Haven't mentioned in my blog before that I'm a Firefox Student Ambassador now. Organize a small workshop with my Doscom pals and also a #MozKopDarSMG (Semarang's mozillian meet up) with a Mozilla Representative (and also a blogger!) from Jakarta, mbak @rara79.

Launched inotes and join a creative expo on campus
Launched inotes on a creative expo held in our campus.Though our social account is not finished yet, and we haven't launched our first collection. Haha, but that's fine. Success comes from process, right? (;

- Joining a national-blogger-gathering "Blogger Nusantara 2013" in Jogjakarta
Join a national blogger gathering in Jogja called  Blogger Nusantara 2013. It's not a well-organized event, truthfully. But meet a lot of blogger from around Indonesia is one precious experience for me. I even met a kid blogger! :D

inotes notebook I made especially for BN2013 (:
Visiting Jogja Digital Valley!
Take a chance to visit Jogja Digital Valley for the very first time after BN2013. Can't be more happy!

2 good friends who accompany me along BN2013. We called our trip as #NdamparInJogja since we really have no idea about Jogja. Hehe XD

Having a new family in a new home
Such a new family I have in my boarding house now. I'm the youngest one that I usually being so spoiled among them. Haha :D

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Feeling enough

The key is feeling enough. 

Discovering someone else's mistake may disappointing. But that's life. We create mistake and learn from it. Be thankful, because life keep going.

Past mistakes doesn't make someone become bad. Attitude, it is. The key is, feeling enough. I'm enough with criminal as long as they good to me. I'm fine with Christians or even atheist as long as they're a good person.

I'm fine with my life, but actually my virgo side of me is feeling: 

Stay tune on my blog. I'm currently working on my new crafty business. (;

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hi, bloggaz! *hug*

Sorry for neglecting this blog for such a long period. I barely have no time for my own self with bunch assignments and projects that have to be done. But I always enjoy being busy. Moreover, it's all the things that I enjoy to do like social work, designing, learn new things, organize an event and such. Hopefully the result will worth every stress. (:

Meet a lot of people from morning till night drained my introvert energy so tragically. Therefore, weekend is the perfect time to recharge. And blog was always be my perfect getaway for having me time. Writing blog for me is the time of fading from my routines, wander around the fantasy and pour it into this virtual world. What about you? What's your favorite thing to do in your me-time? Shopping spree? Watching movies? Well, I do enjoy both actually. Haha

Truth to be told, re-designing this blog is also listed as one of my projects. At first, I want to make the template by myself. But the thing is, I still learn html5 and stuffs and haven't understand much about xml so yeah. This is what I can do for now. More fixing will be

I get this template (for free! :D) from 54Blogger. I've been digging the web searching for a simple and responsive blogger template and found this template which called Responsival and I'm going "Nah!". 

Oh, do you know what 'responsive design' supposed to mean? Try to press Ctrl+Shift+M on your keyboard (only if you're using Firefox :3) and find out what you can do!

No need to shrink your phone/tablet screen anymore (;

Visit my latest wordpress blog. I write more often there now (:

Happy weekend! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Turning 20

I'm turning 20 today. People say your teenage life is over on 20. It can be scary for some people, as well as for me. But I think we can just always do whatever we want to do as long as we take the responsibility. So, thought that I will always be a girl no matter how old I've reached. Hahaha :D

The feeling of being 20 is like walking in a new different road. And I'm wondering, how will the scenery look like? Is it gonna be a fun journey? Sort of questions. It freaks me out a little bit, but I know I'll be fine as long as I'm being honest to my self. I mean, we're the one who always know what makes us happy, right?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Strongest Friend Ever!

Her name is Ferina Aquila. I know, Aquila is a quite unique highlight of her name. It remind us to tequila because it just simply similar. We're on the same class in the first year of junior high school. She's one of the smart girl on class. Though we're not very close at first, but I must admit that she's really inspiring.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Google Week on Campus - Dinus University

Do not spell it wrong, people. It's Dinus (stands for Dian Nuswantoro University). Many people often surmise Dinus as Binus, so I'm just trying to clarify the thing up here. Hehe :D

So, it was an event held on my university (Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang). It's sort of event arranged by Google student ambassador of my campus to introduce Google app especially for education and business.

The event it self is held for 4 days from 11-14 June 2013. The first two day is the seminar and the third & fourth days is for workshop. The workshop quota was full-booked when I try to register and I just get the seminar entries. So, here is the recap:

Day 1 - University day

The speaker of the first day was Mbak Pepita Gunawan (@pepitaholy). She's an Indonesian, but work at Google Singapore as a program manager of education. She explain us the overview of Google apps for education (just like, -you know- gmail, google calendar, google doc, google drive, and some more).

Google has many apps that we could utilize to simplify our work. Many of us still using manual way while there are plenty technology we can use (even for free!). So, this seminar held to introduce the attendees how to use the Google apps in their daily activity.

Oh, there also the GSA (Google Student Ambassador) explain about the advantages of some Google apps like Google Site (it's different with blogger), Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google +.

Google Corner

Day 2 - Organization and Business Day

The most interesting day of the whole event (haha,in my opinion loh ya). So, the second day of the seminar mostly talk about utilizing google app for business and organization. The speaker is from local community called GBG Semarang (Google Business Group Semarang), Mas Jefri/Uje.

I came late, so I can't really tell the about the whole event. But it mostly is about Google Adwords and the speaker was sometime talk about Youtube Partnership. Whereas I really want them to talk about Google adsense and Google wallet (which I don't know it well). But it's quite interesting because they're talk about social media! (haha, my wordpress reader should've known about this).

Everyone, really should to Go Google!

To view complete album of the event click here. // More info about the event here. // Images credit goes for the event comitee.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Future Leader Summit 2013 - #FLSummit2013 Day 1

It was an amazing and memorable moment when I attend the Future Leader Summit 2013. The event was held for 2 days, from 18 until 19 May and take place in Semarang. Gathered with so many inspiring figure is inspire me a lot to do more for Indonesia. There are 6 room, the delegates should pick based on their interest. There are Human Rights room, Environment room, Education room, Business Development room, Health Care room, and also Art & Culture room. I kinda confused to choose one of the room available at the first time. But remember that the basic point of helping other people is humanity, I choose Human Right. There are 300 delegates selected among 500 more registrant. And lucky me, I got accepted on the room that I choose! So, let's straight to the event recap (;

Day 1
The first day of the event, we gathered at Sam Poo Kong on 08.00 AM before separated into 6 bus (each room in one bus). The agenda of the first day is City Tour and there's also the Networking Night. On the City Tour we guided to visit some inspiring place in Semarang which is different for each room. For my room (Human Right room) it self, we visit the School Of Life Foundation.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Essential Things for Girl

Believe it or not, cutting hair is one of the most scary things for girls (especially if she have a long silky hair). Ehm, okay. Not for every girls maybe, yaaaa at least for me lah. Remember my haircut disaster post last year? I swear, that was a really bad memory.

Sooo many disappointing memory of cutting my hair makes me very selective when I decide to cut my hair. I know, hair is growing up each day. But who enjoy being in a bad look because of the haircut? Tell me who..

I don't matter the length, but the haircut model is indeed matter much for me. So, after a very long consideration I decide to cut my hair. At the first time, I want to go bob. But, think about my chubby cheek, I think bob gonna make me look like Dora. Sooo, I end up with, eeehm.. Tadaaaa~

Not really short though. But the best part is, I'm not regret my decision to cut my hair! Even I want to cut shorter than this for the first time. But yaaaah, it's okay laaah..

So guys, tell me what haircut that suits you the best?


This is what I promise on my last post. Cover of my current favorite song. You can check it here.


Saturday, May 04, 2013

Hello May..

Hello May..
I just can't believe it was 4 months away from January. 2013 been so much progressing. And April was good for me, tho I found out that I'm being a little bit selfish for my surrounding. I promise to do better this month onwards..

But hey, can't I liberating my self? I'm just sick of forced to do something I'm not passionate. Sometime I wish to flee myself from routines, doing things that I've never done before. Maybe like fled to any island I've never been, doing craziest things I want to do alone without worry if someone will notice. 
I do enjoy my life. Doing normal things everyday makes me feel alive. And so doing things I love to do also embellish my day. But hey, the workaholic craving for some rest here.. (:

So May, please just let me experience the less-frustratingg day. 
Bless my family with prosperity so I can give more for others. 
And everything that would be good for me, and also everyone.. 


Hey, so sorry for the inconsistency while blog in Garten Paradise. I'm losing my focus and mistaken this blog as my experimentation object. I do think about to make another blog (a niche blog to be spesific) to put some of my application & gadget review article. I've made it actually, but I still have to work on the theme, and bla bla bla. In sum, it hasn't ready for blog. So yeah, please wait until it settled (;
And maybe you can found me on my wordpress more often from now on. Sometime it just simpler to write in Bahasa when it comes to complain about something that bother your mind. Hehe 

I do getting addicted of Soundcloud recently. I plan to cover some of my favorite songs. I think it would be fun! Anyone also have a SoundCloud account here?


Pict credit : Tumblr 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Denok & Kenang Semarang 2013 Grand Final Night

Last nigh, I have a chance to attend the grand final night of Denok & Kenang Semarang 2013 at Krakatau Ballroom, Horison Hotel, Semarang. Basically, Denok & Kenang is an election of tourism ambassador of Semarang just like Abang None Jakarta. Since I don't take much photo of the event, so let's just enjoy what I have below.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ultrabook Terbaru

Disadari atau tidak, gadget juga berperan dalam penampilan seseorang. Apalagi anak muda yang senang tampil stylish. Smartphone, tablet dan laptop sepertinya sudah menjadi gadget wajib untuk mendukung kegiatan sehari-hari mereka. Khusus untuk laptop, jenis laptop ultrabook saya rasa merupakan produk yang sangat pas untuk kalangan yang menyukai kepraktisan namun tetap memiliki performa yang powerfull. Serta tak lupa pula kesan stylish yang didapat dari desainnya yang ramping serta elegan.

Baru-baru ini, Samsung mengeluarkan produk Ultrabook Terbaru yaitu Samsung 7 Series Ultra dan Samsung New Series 5 Ultra. Kali ini Garten Paradise akan me-review 2 Ultrabook Terbaru tersebut. (:

Samsung Series 7 Ultra 

Pocket (Read It Later)

Hi buddies!
My IT souls just suddenly flare up today. I know you guys all love browsing, right? So have you heard about Pocket Application? 

Pocket is an application where you can save pages of website you want to read. Even it's not just only article, you can also save video there! Once it's save on Pocket, you can read it right away even when you don't have any connection. Moreover, you could read it through your tablet, smart phone, or computer. It's wherever and whenever!

I personally, really loooooove this application. Sometime I also love to save my favorite article on this application just in case I need to read it again later. I think it's a perfect cool application for blogger like us, don't you agree? 

You want a download link? Maybe you better check their website here and found out what you need. Oh, maybe one of you ever try this application before? Just share your experience in the comment box then! (;

Monday, April 15, 2013

Big Bang Fans Meeting in Jakarta, April 19 2013

Great news, VIPs! Big bang will come to Indonesia in order to promote instant messaging service, KakaoTalk. They will hold fan meeting at JlEXpo Hall C, Jakarta on April 19 2013. The event will start on 04:00 PM and the gate will open on 03:00 PM. 

Can't you believe that? Omg, I'm so excited about this. But unfortunately, the leader, G-dragon can't participate because he has a solo concert in Japan. 

But, never mind. G-dragon will still come to Indonesia on his solo concert on next June 15-16 2013. The concert will be held in 2 days with a capacity of 7000 tickets per day. That means, there will be 14.000 tickets!!!

Ohya, there are some way you can participate on the fans meeting. That is either tweet with some particular format or directly come to JlEXpo. There will be 100 fans winner from twitter. For further info, you can sneak on their twitter @KakaoTalkIna or check KakaoTalk facebook page here.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Goodbye Formspring

Do you love answering random question from formspring? I, personally start to addicted into it. But unfortunately, Formspring thas has launched in November 2009 announce that they are shutting down their site. You can check their blog to get know their original announcement. 

Last Sunday, March 31st was the last day you able to ask questions or answering questions on Fromspring.  And tomorrow (Monday, April 15th), the site will officially go offline and any content will be permanently deleted. 

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Thursday, April 04, 2013

VIP arena

Hi! I'm finally here, just in case to declare that I'm still alive. HAHAHA, sorry for no posting anything on the whole March. I'm not that busy actually, just, you know.. moody. 

And hello VIP's, I bet you'll drool over these graphic tees

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let's giving away our book! (:

I looooove holiday. But I much more love my holiday to work on some project that I couldn't do on my daily activity. So yeah, after I met a curator of a new-born-small library based in my hometown (Tegal) called "Perpustakaan Tiga Surau" in twitter, I'm so excited to donate some books that I have for them.  

Come from a small thriving village in Tegal make me understand much how the villagers need some facility that the townsfolk easily get, including library. I always prefer to school in another place beside my hometown because I'm craving for the facility that I can't get there. 

So, the story begin when I met a curator of Perpustakaan Tiga Surau (@fuadikamal) in twitter, and then I read their website and I begin to "Okay, why don't I spend my holiday to collect my books and donate them to Tiga Surau?". But unfortunately, I'm not a book-maniac that continuously buy book every month so I just collect a few book. That's why now I'm posting this on my personal blog, which is aims to inform the others of this new-born library. 

Don't you love books?

or you have some stack of books just like this in your home? 

why don't you share your happiness of the books by giving away some of them for the others? The others who in needs, the others who don't have any chance and facility like you? ((:

I plan to send the book on early March 2013, so if you feel like donating, you could mention me on twitter (@kelimuttu) or send me an email on I'll be glad to help you deliver your book to Tiga Surau. We receive some book genre like children book, school book, motivation, biography, novel, religion, or anything that possibly helpful for them. 

Or maybe you want to reach them directly? Just surf this link then : Tiga Surau Website Twitter , Facebook.

Oh, you can also read the Indonesian version of this post here. I'll be waiting for your response and donation! Happy Valentine and bye! (;

credit picture : 1/2

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Begin again

Life is all about doing things that makes you happy

I totally believe that quote because I practice it everyday. Just like now, I know I write this post because blogging makes me happy. So that you stumbled here, spend your time to surf through this blogsphere (read someone post to another) because you love it, isn’t it?

I actually wanna thank this cyber world so much because I learn many things from here. I could be someone open-minded like today, get know some inspiring people, practice my English, and the mostly important is I could hone my creativity.

Anyway, this is what I promised in my last post. Modify my blog interface will hopefully make my blogging mood increase. But honestly, the fact is, I don’t have any establish connection around me anymore. That’s why my blogging frequency decreased lately. :(

Being in holiday makes me have bunch time to take picture. So, here I decide to post my holiday outfit.

top - random store in Tegal // lace short – gowigasa // flat shoe – cotton ink ft The Little Things She Needs // bag – planet ocean // glasses – Citra Land Semarang

Monday, January 28, 2013

Too late to sleep, too early to stop

Just a quick post before I pull my blanket and sleep. So, it's finally released. The EOS magazine that I'm talking about in my last post. I'm so grateful for this. 

Thank you so much for the crew who has been so nice to help me bring off this magazine. Thank you guys, Reza, Dipa, Dwica, Punky, Nurul, Septi, Desi, and Fajar. Thank you for the editor who has been so "rempong" complaining about every single typo in the magazine. Thank you for everyone who has been contribute creating this magazine, Bang Jojon, my matriculation friends Anzie, Widy, also for Indra, Kholid. And also thank you for the readers! I hope this simple magazine could bring a new inspiration for you though just a tiny piece. Thank you for your appreciate by reading this magazine! (:

Lastly, here is the magz:

PS!I'll have my last exam tomorrow. Soon after that, I will be free in the whole February. I hope I could do the touch up here soon. bye! (:

Friday, January 18, 2013

New year balade

Happy new year, everybody! \m/

Since my last post was pretty old, this first post of 2013 kinda make me feel like a new-born blogger. How's your 2013 so far? Mine is pretty good (alhamdulillah) while I still am busy finishing my late-organization digital magazine as it should be posted on last 14 January. Wish me many bless from Allah so I could finish it by this weekend. Amen!

Don't you agree that starting a new year is always feel exciting? Some people are come up with some new-year-resolution while some are not intended to do such because they afraid it wouldn't be happen. Which kind-of-person are you? Well, as for me, I never have any resolution every new-year. Not because I'm afraid that it couldn't be happen, but I think life is full of something surprising. And living by those resolution-rule is a NO for me.

But I do wish my self to be a better person than last year. More wise, more mature, more calm, and achieve more of my all-time-dreams. I do wish a better living for other people too, for earth, also for my beloved country, Indonesia. As for earth, now I start to carry my shopping stuff on my own bag (girls always have their bag on while out, right?) so it will reduce the use of plastic. Or maybe you can start by take a bath once a day to save water? (ah, no. Just kidding, baby!).

Looking back at 2012, I was blessed that it give me so much lesson and memories, both bad and great. But I have to thank that these were something that made me the way I am now. (:

Okay, let's move the topic on. Look what I got last night!

As I start to make a digital magaziine for my campus organization, I feel like my art-soul flare up inside. And without I realize, I start to buy much magazine, compare them, and analize what should I do to make such a great magazine. This far, I ever try Cosmo girl, Go girl!, Elle, and even the freebies magazine like  Freemagz! and and Speak!. 

But now, I could say Go Girl was my best-buy this far. I love how Go Girl! always come up with sucha informative article every month. Or how Elle decorate their simple yet stylish layout (such a fab & brilliant magazine). And I'm so amazed by Freemagz! and Speak!, how they could make such an awesome, informative and perfect free magazine like that. God bless them who's made those magazine such a wonderful piece to read. 
That Go Girl! January 2013 issue and Young On Top book by 5 inspiring people will be my mood stimulus that accompany me by this weekend. So, I hope you guys would also enjoy your wonderful weekend! Ah, I still have 4 days of final exam next week. Wish me a best best luck guys! ((: