Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pocket (Read It Later)

Hi buddies!
My IT souls just suddenly flare up today. I know you guys all love browsing, right? So have you heard about Pocket Application? 

Pocket is an application where you can save pages of website you want to read. Even it's not just only article, you can also save video there! Once it's save on Pocket, you can read it right away even when you don't have any connection. Moreover, you could read it through your tablet, smart phone, or computer. It's wherever and whenever!

I personally, really loooooove this application. Sometime I also love to save my favorite article on this application just in case I need to read it again later. I think it's a perfect cool application for blogger like us, don't you agree? 

You want a download link? Maybe you better check their website here and found out what you need. Oh, maybe one of you ever try this application before? Just share your experience in the comment box then! (;

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