Tuesday, May 05, 2015

How to simplify your wardrobe

Hello there! This is my debut post since I decide to take a break from my weekly post. Living away from blogging world bring me anxiety somehow. But thanks God, the weather here in Semarang lately is a bless. I enjoy everytime the gray sky arise, complete with clouds hanging weighty as if they don't want to stay there any longer. Well at least, the weather is on the top list in the good part of my daily assessment lately.

In line with a great weather, last weekend was also a pleasing moment for me. I barely remember when was the last time I have a quality time with myself. Just me, doing what I enjoy to do, with no one else around. I dislike the hustle. Maybe that was one of the reason why I started living in minimalism in the first place. Too many things, or too many people can be exhausting and distance me from clarity. Therefore I crave for a simple, yet more fulfilling life.

Speaking of minimalism, ever since earlier this year, I've been trying a new way to simplify my wardrobe. As what I've said in my older post about minimalism, that choosing everyday outfit is an everyday decision that I want to reduce. So far, this method works for me. That's why I'm taking up time to share about it here. So, here is my step to step advice to simplify your wardrobe and reduce your everyday outfit decision:

  • Analyze it, pick 3 colors, and stick to it!
Getting rid stuff is a must when it comes to minimalism. Now when you decide to go minimalist, it's time to take a closer look at your wardrobe and declutter it. Take a look at a pile of your wardrobe and analyze it. What colors are dominant? In my case, I realize that I stock up many reddish, black, and white color. Therefore I decide to put aside the other color apart of these three. I also decide to stick with these 3 colors for my future purchase. I even tell my friends to remind me when I'm about to buy a new cloth apart from my 3 main colors.

  • Keep the neutral color.
In this case, I'm kind of lucky because the neutral color is my dominant. But in case you have another dominant color, try to be compromise and keep the basic piece you have such as white, black, or denim. Because you know, basic things will last for long.

  • Wear one color for a whole week.
To reduce everyday decision, I decide to wear the same color since I have enough piece (for each color) in a week. Right now I have 3 type of week, the white week, red week, and the black week.

In the beginning it feels so easy because I no longer need to think about "which color should I wear today?." But after 3 months implement it, I often feel bored to wear the same color in a week. It's frustrating to stick even to my own decision. Right now I free myself for once or twice in a week to wear another color instead of resist it while grumbling.

So far I love this method so much. I no longer need to think about what color I should wear today, and nobody pointed out to me that I wear the same cloth everyday. Anyway, I wear just the same color, right?

  • Have your own role model
Having your own role model can be beneficial in some way. They can inspire you, and the most important is they can tell you where they get their stuff. Haha. One of my favorite is Rosalinda Tjioe since she has basic yet quirky style. But recetly, I also find myself enjoy reading this blog, since she has many advice in growing a minimalist wardrobe. Let say, at least you should get a mentor since living in minimalism is a long journey.

  • Do it slowly. But do your best!
Every change takes time. That's why you should do it slowly. You may still loving your old stuff. Therefore don't throw your stuff right away. Give them a chance. You could keep them in a separate space in case you still want to wear it. But after not touching it for some moment, then you can consider to give it away.

I myself is not too strict since I still keeping some pastel (OMG, I love pastel color so much!) and greyish stuff. I still keep them, even wear them often. I sometime wear pastel in a white week, or grey in a black week since it's not stray away too far from my main color. But I swear myself to not buy any other color apart of these three in the future. You know, allow yourself to compromise but do your best!

- - -

Minimalist means less. Right now since I decide to live my life in minimalism, I no longer think that more options is better. Instead, I start to feel more free and content with limited option. Maybe you can give it a try.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Human manual book


There is a dark basement in everyone's hearts. If ignored and is only observed, the darkness becomes thicker. You should muster your courage and go downstairs, then turn on the light. - Jin Soo-Wan

If you happen to read my wordpress blog lately, you may notice that I'm interested to learn psychology lately. And tonight, I learn one more thing from a korean drama that I've just watched. It is that,

our childhood has much influence in shaping our personality.

Now when I take a look at my own life, I can't agree more that childhood memory was indeed play a big role in shaping my personality. It's like the law of cause and effect. That if I have any type of personality, something may have caused it. Although not all of our personality is derived from our childhood memories. But revealing the cause is mandatory if you want to master your own self. We should really go downstairs, and figure out the way to turn on the light.

Aaah, how learning psychology is like reading a human manual book. ((: