Saturday, March 14, 2015

Human manual book


There is a dark basement in everyone's hearts. If ignored and is only observed, the darkness becomes thicker. You should muster your courage and go downstairs, then turn on the light. - Jin Soo-Wan

If you happen to read my wordpress blog lately, you may notice that I'm interested to learn psychology lately. And tonight, I learn one more thing from a korean drama that I've just watched. It is that,

our childhood has much influence in shaping our personality.

Now when I take a look at my own life, I can't agree more that childhood memory was indeed play a big role in shaping my personality. It's like the law of cause and effect. That if I have any type of personality, something may have caused it. Although not all of our personality is derived from our childhood memories. But revealing the cause is mandatory if you want to master your own self. We should really go downstairs, and figure out the way to turn on the light.

Aaah, how learning psychology is like reading a human manual book. ((:


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