Saturday, April 20, 2013

Denok & Kenang Semarang 2013 Grand Final Night

Last nigh, I have a chance to attend the grand final night of Denok & Kenang Semarang 2013 at Krakatau Ballroom, Horison Hotel, Semarang. Basically, Denok & Kenang is an election of tourism ambassador of Semarang just like Abang None Jakarta. Since I don't take much photo of the event, so let's just enjoy what I have below.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ultrabook Terbaru

Disadari atau tidak, gadget juga berperan dalam penampilan seseorang. Apalagi anak muda yang senang tampil stylish. Smartphone, tablet dan laptop sepertinya sudah menjadi gadget wajib untuk mendukung kegiatan sehari-hari mereka. Khusus untuk laptop, jenis laptop ultrabook saya rasa merupakan produk yang sangat pas untuk kalangan yang menyukai kepraktisan namun tetap memiliki performa yang powerfull. Serta tak lupa pula kesan stylish yang didapat dari desainnya yang ramping serta elegan.

Baru-baru ini, Samsung mengeluarkan produk Ultrabook Terbaru yaitu Samsung 7 Series Ultra dan Samsung New Series 5 Ultra. Kali ini Garten Paradise akan me-review 2 Ultrabook Terbaru tersebut. (:

Samsung Series 7 Ultra 

Pocket (Read It Later)

Hi buddies!
My IT souls just suddenly flare up today. I know you guys all love browsing, right? So have you heard about Pocket Application? 

Pocket is an application where you can save pages of website you want to read. Even it's not just only article, you can also save video there! Once it's save on Pocket, you can read it right away even when you don't have any connection. Moreover, you could read it through your tablet, smart phone, or computer. It's wherever and whenever!

I personally, really loooooove this application. Sometime I also love to save my favorite article on this application just in case I need to read it again later. I think it's a perfect cool application for blogger like us, don't you agree? 

You want a download link? Maybe you better check their website here and found out what you need. Oh, maybe one of you ever try this application before? Just share your experience in the comment box then! (;

Monday, April 15, 2013

Big Bang Fans Meeting in Jakarta, April 19 2013

Great news, VIPs! Big bang will come to Indonesia in order to promote instant messaging service, KakaoTalk. They will hold fan meeting at JlEXpo Hall C, Jakarta on April 19 2013. The event will start on 04:00 PM and the gate will open on 03:00 PM. 

Can't you believe that? Omg, I'm so excited about this. But unfortunately, the leader, G-dragon can't participate because he has a solo concert in Japan. 

But, never mind. G-dragon will still come to Indonesia on his solo concert on next June 15-16 2013. The concert will be held in 2 days with a capacity of 7000 tickets per day. That means, there will be 14.000 tickets!!!

Ohya, there are some way you can participate on the fans meeting. That is either tweet with some particular format or directly come to JlEXpo. There will be 100 fans winner from twitter. For further info, you can sneak on their twitter @KakaoTalkIna or check KakaoTalk facebook page here.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Goodbye Formspring

Do you love answering random question from formspring? I, personally start to addicted into it. But unfortunately, Formspring thas has launched in November 2009 announce that they are shutting down their site. You can check their blog to get know their original announcement. 

Last Sunday, March 31st was the last day you able to ask questions or answering questions on Fromspring.  And tomorrow (Monday, April 15th), the site will officially go offline and any content will be permanently deleted. 

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Thursday, April 04, 2013

VIP arena

Hi! I'm finally here, just in case to declare that I'm still alive. HAHAHA, sorry for no posting anything on the whole March. I'm not that busy actually, just, you know.. moody. 

And hello VIP's, I bet you'll drool over these graphic tees