Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Korean Drama I've Ever Watch

Hi fellas, we're gonna talk about korean drama. As you know that I'm a korean drama lover (anyone?) so I decide to share my personal opinion about the best korean drama I've ever watch. I didn't make it on chart format because I just too confused to sort it out. :p

So, let's just check this out. It mostly is drama from my favorite actor and actress such as Jo In Seong, Yoon Eun Hye, Ha Ji Won, Hyeon Bin, Lee Min Ho,, etc. Hihii,, can't get enough of them. Check this out guys!

- Memories of Bali

This drama is about love quadrangle of Jung Jae Min (Jo In Seong), Lee Soo Jeong (Ha Ji Won), Kang In Wook (So Ji Sub) and Choi Young Joo (Park Ye Jin). They first meet in Bali and the ending story is taken in Bali too. You gotta watch Jo In Seong acting in this drama, maybe he's not that handsome as other Halyu actor but his acting is SUPERB. I really mean it. 
 This is a 2004 drama (quite old, huh?) but I'm sure you gonna like it too. Anyone had watched it too?  
I heard that those Bali Couple (Jo In Seong and Ha Ji Won) will meet again in the MBC drama "the king". I hope it's a real news, I can't wait to watch Jo In Seong come back after his discharge from the military service. Whoah,, Pogoshippoyo oppa.. :)

- Coffee Prince

Who love Yoon Eun Hye too? Because I'm a huge fans of YEH eonnie.. :) This is her third drama after decided to discharge of her girl band "Baby VOX". She become a boyish-girl in this drama (look at her boyish look in the photo above). Coffee Prince is a romantic-comedy drama. I swear you not gonna regret to watch it. I love all the main cast in this drama. They're Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan, Gong Yoo as Choi Han Kyul, Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Han Sung, and Chae Jung Ahn as Han Yoo Joo. 
Talking about similarity, I think Han Yoo Joo (Chae Jung Ahn) character here is very similar as myself. She's become an artist (painter exactly) in here and she's a real-workaholic. She like to spend the whole day just to finish her job as a painter. Same as me who love to work for the entire day and never want to stop before it finished, hihi. And I love her fashion style in this drama. I know this is a 2007 drama, but her fashion style is really amazing for these year. You rock eonnie.. :)

- City Hunter

I swear this is the best action kdrama I've ever watched. I really mean it. You can't  avoid to not fall in love with Lee Min Ho after watch City Hunter. Park Min Young is really lucky to be the main cast here and being his real girlfriend. Chukkae eonnie.. :)
And I heard it broadcast now in one of television station in Indonesia. So don't miss it guys! You better prepare to get addict of it.

- BBF (Boys Before Flower) / Boys Over Flower

Who doesn't love to watch BBF? I think everyone love it.. This is the first drama that make me addicted with korean drama. And it have a really great OST.
I honestly prefer to Kim Hyung Joon than Lee Min Ho in this drama. Haha,, can't deny his charming style here and his every look. He's a very multi-talented actor. He can sing, dance and acting really good. Love love love this one oppa.. <3 

- Princess Hours / Goong

Can't get enough of Yoon Eun Hye acting? yeah, of course. I saw her every drama (except Vineyard Man). Haha..
So, this is the debut drama from YEH eonni. She become a high school student who have to married with Korean Prince that was arranged by his elder. Princess Hours is a 2006 romantic-comedy drama. But still nice if you want to watch it now. I swear you gonna like it. I can't stand the Prince charm. Haha, he's so charming.. :)

- Secret Garden

Nah,, this is the best drama of 2011. Yeah, who don't know about this drama? Many kpop group also make the parody of this drama. Haha,, I lol when watch Big Bang doing the parody for Secret Garden. 
Hyeon Bin is really charming in Secret Garden. And his house in this drama is really artistic. I heard it become a tourist destination too after this drama booming. haha.. SG fever.. :D
- Sassy Girl Chun Hyang

Sassy girl Chun Hyang is a 2005 romantic comedy drama. Romantic comedy is always my favorite. haha. The main cast is Jae Hee (as Lee Mong Ryeong) and Han Chae Young as (Sung Chun Hyang). Jae Hee is a good actor. I start to love his acting after watch this drama. 
This is a recommended drama. :) 

- Dream High

Everyone who love KPOP must be know this drama. Because of Dream High, I start to love 2PM and IU. Park Jin Young is such a great CEO that can make a great group such as 2PM and Miss A. Yeah, I'm a JYP fans.. :D
Because the cast is mostly from kpop group, there's no doubt about the OST. This is a very inspiring drama. They teach us how a dream is need an effort to be realized. 
And I heard that Dream High 2 is broadcast this early February. But I didn't watch it yet. Too lazy to watch it online so I wait for the DVD version coming. :)

That's all my favorite Korean drama that I've ever watched. I'm a KDrama freak,yeah.. I can spend a whole day to finish Korean drama DVD (it's about 16 - 24 episode). Haha,, lol I'm being so lazy when I watch kdrama. I usually watch it from DVD or on streaming site (my favorite is Drama Crazy, Az Drama, My Soju, Drama Load, and Ep Drama).

I'v ever watched so many korean drama. It's not fair if I just share the best one but ignore the other. So I share the other recommended drama that I've ever watched for you guys.. 
- Lie To Me (2011 comedy-romance)
- Thorn Bird (2011 melodrama-romance)
- 49 Days (2011 fantasy-romance) 
- Protect the Boss (2011 romantic comedy)
- Miss Ripley (2011 drama-romance)
- Personal Taste (2010 comedy-romance)
- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010 comedy-romance)
- Cinderella Step Sister (2010 drama-romance)
- Prosecutor Prince (2010 romance)
- Playful Kiss (2010 comedy-school)
- Shining Inheritance (2009 romance)
- My fair Lady (2009 comedy-romance)
- Full House (2007 comedy romance)
- Witch Yoo Hee (2007 romantic-comedy)
- My Lovely Kim Sam Soon (2005 comedy-romance)
- Fashion 70's (2005 drama/period drama)


Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hi guys.. 
How's weekend? pretty fun? Well,, I'm just on my break time after semester exam so everyday is feels like weekend. Hihi,, free and free.. Oh, life's good. :)

And uhm, I just received the package from Arika Yasmin. I was the runner up winner from her giveaway and I got the pretty party dress from her. Love love love this one dress. I'm so shy to confess that this is the first dress I ever have because I'm not that kinda girly-girl. My daily outfit is just jeans and jeans yeah sooo.. But to be honest, I just start to got interested on fashion things nowadays. Uhm, just don't know where I should to start. :p

Talking about the tittle of this post, feels that I'm being a workaholic now. Well,, not really now but  actually since a long time ago. I enjoy doing things that I like and never want to stop before it finished. And this lately week, I spend my holiday (this past 3 weeks) preparing my new scrapbooking business. The first week, I get so exited to do it. I start to work in the morning and always finish it in mid-night. You can imagine, how bad it is. But I really enjoy it because that is something that I love to do. When you found something that you love to do, you'll not care about anything else. 

But the next week, I feel kinda tired. My body is start to weak. But I keep working because I can't stop and I really can't stop it. I keep cutting until there is a 'scissor mark' in my middle finger. But, I really can't stop doing it because I really enjoying my time, doing things with a lot of paper, scissor, cutter, glue, and those kinda things. It's a lot fun!

So I hope everything will run smoothly. I've prepare everything that I have to brought to Semarang next week. Uh, start to college. I feel a bit sad to say goodbye to holiday, but yeah time is running up. We have to run to chase our dream. :)

I'll head back to Semarang on next friday. But tomorrow I'll going to Purwokerto to meet my old friend. So exited for tomorrow. :D

I really think a lot to upload this photo.. So I just put it in small size. :p
Ah ya,, check out my latest scrapbook theme..

From left to right : wedding theme (update) | couple theme (update) | profile theme | childhood theme

from left to right : self theme | self theme (update) | blog theme | profile theme

You can view the full gallery here.. And let's order now! There's 4 special prize left. :D
Kinda sleepy now, and I going to Purwokerto tomorrow. :D

Annyeong.. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tutorial Make a Recycled Box

Finally I come back with my tutorial post as I promised before. So, this tutorial is about how to make a Recycled box. You can use any snack box or other recycled box that still in a well-condition. Or you can make the box yourself with the thick carton paper. 

Let's start with the needed stuff :
1. Box
2. Carton paper
3. Wrapping paper (kertas kado)
4. Baking paper (kertas roti) 
5. Origami paper
6. Scissor and cutter
7. Pencil and ruller
8. Glue and double-tape

Here is the step :
1. First, prepare your box. If you use the recycled box, be sure to cover it with baking paper because the random box surface is sometime glossy. So, to make the the perfect gluing, be sure to cover it with baking paper first. 

2. After covering the box with baking paper, then wait until the gluing area dry. Then cover the box (again) with the wrapping paper. Be sure to measure the wrapping paper so it fits perfectly on the box. And leave a little part of the wrapping paper on the top side (we gonna fold inside this part)

3. Prepare the inside cover. We're gonna use the thick carton paper this time. You can just use it anyway or if you want another color, you can cover it with origami paper. Be sure to measure it up to the box size so it gonna fits perfectly. :)

4. Fold inside the extra part of the wrapping paper. Just cut the corner of the wrapping paper until the box line, then fold inside it.

5. Your box is now finish. Then you can continue to decorate it with any pattern or ornament you have. You can use it up as you want. But I use it as a trash can this time.

6. Here it is.. Finished my "Trash Can Recycled Box" Yeppie.. :)

I'm sorry for my bad english here. Maybe you can't understand some part, I can't explain the detail yeah because I'm bad for sorting words. :p This is my very first tutorial, feel free if you want comment me so I can be better on my next tutorial. Sure, I'm gonna make another tutorial post next time. ;)

And also don't forget to take a look on my scrapbook catalog here. Feel free to contact me if you want to order. ;)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

New everything

Great. I feel like have a new blog. I change my header, layout, text color, arrangement, everything. I just kinda bored of pinkish, so I try something new. I know, this one is not that cool or something, But I think of a new 'simple' one. So, what do you think of it? 

I got the header font from Miss Tina.

I'm sorry for lack update. I just out of topic and for the tutorial post that I promised before, I'll make it as soon as posible. ;)

Ah ya, I just busy of scrapbooking lately. I think about to make this as my business. So, feel free if you want to order a scrapbook from me. You can e-mail me on kelimutu.rizki@gmail.com then we can discuss it first, about the design you want, the theme, the material, the photos, and so on. 
So, This is the snap picture of my scrapbook. 

cute cover, isn't it? :)

not yet done
Okay, gotta go now. See ya in my tutorial post. ;)

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  • Another giveaway. :p So this time is from Arika Yasmin (the owner of Jim's cloth). You can choose either nail polish or a party dress. So let's just check this link for further info --> Arika Yasmin First Giveaway
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  • And this is my recent favorite song from BEAST. It's a really good song, and I love Dong Woon's acting in the MV below. Just check this out. 


Thursday, February 09, 2012

My Room Designer

How did you guys designing your room? You design it yourself, or just give it over the room designer?

I personally is an IT people. I learn IT in college, but I have a big interest in art and design things especially interior or room design. My favorite shop is a stationary shop. I can spend hours in stationary store just to buy paper or pencil. Haha. I love to watch architecture program and sometime I make my own 'future house design'. I always wanted to be an architect or at least interior designer but it impossible now. :\

But I didn't regret it. I still love design things and I'm not gonna ignore my lecture. Because I didn't know what will happen on my future. I believe that every person have their own passion and talent. And I believe there's still many things that I haven't learn it yet. So I'm gonna keep my stupidness so I always want to learn more things. :)

And tadaaaa,, here I share my very first video about my room that I design it myself. All the things in my bedroom is made by myself. From the trash can, until the photo frame. And I want to make a tutorial next time. So, stay tune on my blog. I will make it asap.

I'm in my break time after semester examination, so I have a lot time to bloging now. Haha, I think its gonna be fun. Ah ya, I'm gonna make a scrap book but I can't find a cool photo album to make it. Anyone ever make a scrapbook? Tell me what I have to do. :\

Snap pict for my next tutorial post.