Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hi guys.. 
How's weekend? pretty fun? Well,, I'm just on my break time after semester exam so everyday is feels like weekend. Hihi,, free and free.. Oh, life's good. :)

And uhm, I just received the package from Arika Yasmin. I was the runner up winner from her giveaway and I got the pretty party dress from her. Love love love this one dress. I'm so shy to confess that this is the first dress I ever have because I'm not that kinda girly-girl. My daily outfit is just jeans and jeans yeah sooo.. But to be honest, I just start to got interested on fashion things nowadays. Uhm, just don't know where I should to start. :p

Talking about the tittle of this post, feels that I'm being a workaholic now. Well,, not really now but  actually since a long time ago. I enjoy doing things that I like and never want to stop before it finished. And this lately week, I spend my holiday (this past 3 weeks) preparing my new scrapbooking business. The first week, I get so exited to do it. I start to work in the morning and always finish it in mid-night. You can imagine, how bad it is. But I really enjoy it because that is something that I love to do. When you found something that you love to do, you'll not care about anything else. 

But the next week, I feel kinda tired. My body is start to weak. But I keep working because I can't stop and I really can't stop it. I keep cutting until there is a 'scissor mark' in my middle finger. But, I really can't stop doing it because I really enjoying my time, doing things with a lot of paper, scissor, cutter, glue, and those kinda things. It's a lot fun!

So I hope everything will run smoothly. I've prepare everything that I have to brought to Semarang next week. Uh, start to college. I feel a bit sad to say goodbye to holiday, but yeah time is running up. We have to run to chase our dream. :)

I'll head back to Semarang on next friday. But tomorrow I'll going to Purwokerto to meet my old friend. So exited for tomorrow. :D

I really think a lot to upload this photo.. So I just put it in small size. :p
Ah ya,, check out my latest scrapbook theme..

From left to right : wedding theme (update) | couple theme (update) | profile theme | childhood theme

from left to right : self theme | self theme (update) | blog theme | profile theme

You can view the full gallery here.. And let's order now! There's 4 special prize left. :D
Kinda sleepy now, and I going to Purwokerto tomorrow. :D

Annyeong.. :)


  1. congratulation, dear..

    The red dress is suits you.. Come on keep dressing.. Your slim body should be utilize with fashionn!! wait for your next outfit post <3 <3


    1. hihi,, thanks dear..
      I'm still not yet confident to keep dressing.. hehe,, but I try it maybe, next time.. :)

  2. Wow, your scrapbook is just amazing! Love to read your blog, sweetheart! Keep on sharing! ;) Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! ;) Hope you can drop by our blog sometime soon! We'd love to find new fresh bloggers for our blogger feature! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  3. Great blog!! I just stumbled on your blog, and I love it!! Def can't wait for your next post, so I'm following you! Hope you can drop by to my blog sometime, and perhaps follow back. ;)

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  4. ehm.. congrats yeah.. cause you just won a give away of a blogger... so envy... huehehee.... and the gift is so small and unpredictablely it's so fitted on you... hihihihi...

    anyway keep on fire sista.... ^^

    1. hihi,, yeah. I think the same as you. It's so small..
      thank for drop by here.. :)

  5. what I envy most from girls: having a scrapbook. you got a pretty one! (:

  6. nice dress, loving red as always.
    one moreee, THUMBS UP for the scrapbook

    following you now :)


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