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Hi fellas!
I just start a photoBook business. If you interested to make this photoBook for your self, or plan to give it to someone, feel free to ask me for order. 

Here is the snap pict of my catalog. 

from up left to the right (theme) introducing | your self theme| couple theme| couple theme
from up left to the right (theme) wedding theme | baby/kid theme | holiday theme | family theme

from up left to right : wedding theme (update) | couple theme (update) | profile theme | childhood theme

from up left to right : your self theme | your self theme (update) | your blog theme | profile theme

Sample theme :
- Your self theme
- Birthday theme
- Wedding theme
- Couple theme
- Your Blog theme
- Profile theme
- Holiday theme
- Family theme
- Baby theme
- Pregnancy theme 
- Childhood theme
- Your idol theme
- Friends theme

You free to choose the random theme you want or request any design up as you want. And about the price, it will depend on 3 thing : the album photo, how much photo, and the photoBook cost. Just see the price list below.. 

snap pict for the "scrapbook cost"

Snapshot for the item you will receive. (a) the photoBook (b) photoBook cost (c) kelimutu art & design card (d) contact detail
Snap pict of the package you will receive
the shipping address form
the Special Prize for the first 5 customer. Those are -> endless calendar | mini calendar | planner notebook | valentine box | papercraft (all of them is hand made by me) ALL IS ALREADY BOOKED! BIG THANKS! :D Just tell me if you want these too, I can make another one if it's possible. :)

So, feel free to contact me first if you want to order, then we can discuss the order you want. And if you gonna use this photoBook for any event, be sure to order this photoBook min 2 weeks before the event. Because it spend about 1 week to make this, so be sure you check the date. ;)

I have a fixed price list now.. 
♥ Medium Size (White inside) + 10 photos (combine 3R & 2R) => IDR 60.000 (left 1 album with blue cover)

blue cover | white inside --> IDR 60.000
♥ Medium Size (Black inside) + 10 photos (3R) => IDR 80.000

sample album for the black inside --> IDR 80.000

♥ Small A (Black inside + landscape model+photo on the cover) + 10 photos (combine 3R & 2R) => IDR 60.000

small A | black inside --> IDR 70.000

♥ Small B (Black inside + landscape model+photo on the cover) + 10 photos (combine 3R & 2R) => IDR 70.000

small B | Black inside -> IDR 80.000 

That cost is not including the shipping cost. You will get 10 pages photoBook and about the photo size, I will manage it depend on the design you want. And for additional photos, we can discuss it further. :)
sample for the already finished order. :)

So if you want to order just contact me on
e-mail     : kelimutu.rizki@gmail.com
twitter    : @kelimuttu
facebook : Kiki Kekok

Let's order now! There is a special prize for 5 first customer! (All Prize are already Booked. Big Thanks.. :D)



  1. Replies
    1. depend on the photo album that you wanna use, dude..
      also how many photo you wanna placed in the scrapbook.. interested? :)

  2. aw, cute <3


    1. aww,, thanks..
      let's order it dear.. I give a special prize for 5 first customer. :)

  3. aaaah kamu kreatif sekaliii <3
    kapan-kapan kalo aku butuh aku pesen kamu yaaa

    xoxo, honi

    1. aaaaw,, thank you say.
      Siiip, kalo mo pesen contact aku aja langsung.. :)

  4. woow you are so creative. you're from Tegal? woow cannot believe it. hihihi.. eh, but no offense yaaa :)
    anyway, i am from Purwokerto. Aaaah we are near :D

    1. hihi,, yeah dear.. I'm from Tegal. Purwokerto? Really> I lived there for 3 years when I'm in high school. hihi.. :D

  5. hai dear.. salam kenal :) aku interested sm scrapbook nya.. lucu juga buat kado :p
    blh tau kira2 utk harga kisaran berapa? terus sistem ordernya gmn? fto2nya tinggal kasih ke kamu, bentuk soft copy gt ya?
    ditunggu jawabannya ya..
    bs via emailku : achiegadiezbali@yahoo.co.id
    thanks :)

    1. hi dear.. salam kenal juga.. :)
      iya,fotonya ntar tinggal dikirim via e-mail ato bisa di-tag ke aku lewat facebook.
      masalah harga, aku jelasin kamu lewat e-mail yya.. :)

  6. dear kelimutu, please email me the price list.. :)


    1. okay dear..
      I already send it. check your email.. :)

  7. Hey your scrapbook are very inspiring me to give to my boyf on our anniversary. I'd like to order, but please send me about price and detail information 'bout your scrapbook. Thank you. ladysepti@rocketmail.com aku tunggu yaa :)

    1. thanks dear..
      of course. I already send it to your email.. Do check it! :)

  8. kyaaa >.< so cute, u know. u are a creative girl.

    1. whoah,, thanks a lot dear.. Do you mind to order it? hihi.. :)

  9. hey, that's a nice creation and creativity that you have : )
    i just finished followed your blog btw.


    1. aw, thank you so much dear.. :)
      thank you for follow back.

  10. Wow! awesome, you're very creative. Actually I am planning to make scrapbook for my favorite Korean dramas and actors and actresses. I already have the materials :) what I need are ideas....

    1. thank you!
      nah! you have all the material so what you waiting for? ideas are coming itself as we start making it. (:

  11. Aww this is so cute!!
    You are so creative :D
    Btw, I make pop up card, but never try to scrapbooking XD

    mind to follback? ^^


  12. hi .. your craft is very cute :)
    visit my blog-tata.blogspot.com Natasha
    but sorry, if my blog has not been much in it :)

    1. oh, thank you..
      sure, I'll visit yours soon (:


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