Thursday, September 25, 2014

In love with, Calvin Harris

Blame my high-stress-level lately. Now I'm in love with electro music. And because Calvin harris is my first crush since "Feel so close", now I can't help to not get addicted of his latest single "Blame."

His music was so good to be listened especially if I feel like escaping from my routine stress. It's like its beat is saying "it's okay baby. I got you, I got you." Even my happiness blog seems so sorrowful lately. I just realized it by now, *sigh. Ahhh, did I being too much drama?

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

You're not that busy

Ki, don't misunderstand thinking as working. As when thinking, you're just imagining that work. And nothing gonna change through imagining. So just do it anyway.

You're not that busy. Your brain is just too crowd of ideas that fussing to be realized. And you might be just misunderstand those thought as an actual work whereas you're not even start anything yet. So roll of your sleeve, baby. You gotta work harder than ever.
It seems like an enormous amount work to do because you haven't start. So just remember your own promise on this post. Kay? (;

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