Thursday, February 09, 2012

My Room Designer

How did you guys designing your room? You design it yourself, or just give it over the room designer?

I personally is an IT people. I learn IT in college, but I have a big interest in art and design things especially interior or room design. My favorite shop is a stationary shop. I can spend hours in stationary store just to buy paper or pencil. Haha. I love to watch architecture program and sometime I make my own 'future house design'. I always wanted to be an architect or at least interior designer but it impossible now. :\

But I didn't regret it. I still love design things and I'm not gonna ignore my lecture. Because I didn't know what will happen on my future. I believe that every person have their own passion and talent. And I believe there's still many things that I haven't learn it yet. So I'm gonna keep my stupidness so I always want to learn more things. :)

And tadaaaa,, here I share my very first video about my room that I design it myself. All the things in my bedroom is made by myself. From the trash can, until the photo frame. And I want to make a tutorial next time. So, stay tune on my blog. I will make it asap.

I'm in my break time after semester examination, so I have a lot time to bloging now. Haha, I think its gonna be fun. Ah ya, I'm gonna make a scrap book but I can't find a cool photo album to make it. Anyone ever make a scrapbook? Tell me what I have to do. :\

Snap pict for my next tutorial post.


  1. can't wait for your tutorial, dear! I love DIY so muuuch :D
    Btw, I've followed you. Mind to follow me back? Since I just start a new fashion diary here.. :)

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

    1. yeah, already post it now dear.. check out my latest post. :)

  2. woww..i'm amazed!
    you really have so many paper crafts! and also seeing how you decoate your room,i can see how you reaally like designing.. :)
    keep it up dear! can't wait to see your tutorial..hehe

    i'm following yours..
    mind to follow each other?

    1. aww,, thank you.. See my latest post, I already post the tutorial now. :)

  3. I don't design my room, it is a rent room. But when it comes to decoration, I preferably do it myself :)

    1. hihi,, great dude. designing room is a fun thing to do. :)

  4. Hi dear, thanks for following my blog. Love what you did to your room...I'm an interior designer myself and have helped a lot of people decorate their room, but I always adore those who do it on their own.

    Keep being so creative.


    1. whoah,, cool. I always want to be an interior designer like you. keep up your good work dear..
      thanks to drop by here.. :)

  5. you are so creative, love DIY so much!

  6. aw, cute stuffs.. so creativee.. <3



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