Saturday, January 28, 2012

The worst day ever!

Today I decide to cut my hair,, "just a little bit" I said to the salon artist. But tadaaa,, my hair is perfectly damn ugly now. Huuuuuu,, I feel like want to attack the salon artist and yell out loud on her face. "YA!! This is the worst haircut I ever have!!". But unfortunately, the salon artist is my mom's friend. T.T 

I feel like want to cry when the first time I see my new haircut. I really mean it. I cry a lot when I drop by home. So frustate ,, disappoint, and aaaah angry. But I can't blame anyone. And the rice has become porridge. I can't do anything other than sorry. :c

This is the worst and soooooo asdfghjkl TACKY. I was so traumatized, and I promise that I never want to cut my hair anymore. Especially in people that can't be trusted.

I feel like want to cry when I see my old picture of me. With my 'used to be' long hair. T______T

I swear that the worst day in a month goes to you!! 

my 'galau' tweet after cut my hair


  1. lhoo kenapa? cupi cup, liat dong rambutnya sayy, mungkin bisa bantu <3
    *massive kiss*


  2. semua orang pernah mengalami ini, sabar yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Kowawa \(´▿`)/

  3. I hate when that happens! Dont worry! I'm sure its not that bad! It'll grow, that's what I always tell myself! BTW follow me on my blog as well please(:

  4. sabarrr.... aku juga pernah kejadian gitu koq... tp gak pengen nonjok kaca! pengen nonjok hair stylistnya. jadinya deh aku sumpah serapah sampe satu salon nengok semua!!!
    nanti kamu perlu kesabaran itu pas rambut kamu numbuhnya lagi nanggung2nya... nah itu lebih sengsara, gak dirapiin jelek, kalo dirapiin kapan panjangnya...
    sabarrr yah... sabarrrr

  5. I know what you mean.. It happened me before too. It'll be better and better everyday as hair grows everyday. Thank you so much for your comment, and yes, I'm japanese :) xo akiko

    Style Imported

  6. Don't be sad! Use wig with good model!
    by the way... let's join with "Little Maya's Giveaway" (see her link in my blog!)

  7. G.R : hhuhu,, malah digodain.. Okay,, wait for my next post yya,, ntar aku post kalo udah PD. Hhaha. :D

    Maria Eua : iyya,, sekarang udah mulai ikhlasin kok.. :)

    Stilettos and Studs : yeah, I wish my hair grow fast as a wind. :p

    Sepatuholic : Hhaha,, aku nggak tegaan orangnya.. masa harus nonjok hair stylishnya? hhaha,,
    iyya,, sekarang beerusaha terima keadaan aja. Ngeluh terus lama2 capek.. :)

    Pricilla : yeah dear.. Thanks.. :)

    Jasmine : I don't like using wig. I even feel amused just to see it. Apalagi suruh make. hhihi,, tambah geli. :D
    Good luck to you btw.. :)

  8. Honey, I'm sorry to hear that you're haircut didn't end well. Luckily, your hair will grow back, and you probably look just fabulous no matter how long your hair is :)

    Thanks for leaving a comment :) xoxo ♥

  9. I exactly know how you feel, two years ago it happened the same, I went for a trim and instead the hairdresser cut too much, she even had the guts to tell me she was wrong...result ? I now go to another hairdresser and my hair is back to longer lenght...same will happen to you, dear ! Kisses and hugs

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  10. dont be sadd.. eventually it will grow. be patient ya :)

    style frontier

  11. Loh jgn galau donk ^^ Liat donk rambutnyaaa, pasti tetep cantik hehehe.. Diperbaiki lagi aja dear klo bisa.. Tetep semangat ya and always put a smile :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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