Thursday, April 04, 2013

VIP arena

Hi! I'm finally here, just in case to declare that I'm still alive. HAHAHA, sorry for no posting anything on the whole March. I'm not that busy actually, just, you know.. moody. 

And hello VIP's, I bet you'll drool over these graphic tees

Credit of all these picture above goes to Oh!hardpop facebook page here
I just coincidentally found Oh!hardpop latest collection, tittled "TOP day" when I open my facebook account yesterday. I'm a BIG FANS of Big bang since first semester, so you know,  I feel like suddenly out of breath watching their collection. Moreover, I don't know why am I so obsessed with tees these day. Well, I usually love to being neat and wear collared shirt to college, but lately I'm just enjoy being in tees. Yeah, maybe it's because the sweltering weather in Semarang.

Back to the graphic tees above, well, the illustrator of these tees is Irawan Phie. I jump over his tumblr, and found out so many kpop artist illustration there. Which is all of them were uber cool! Another illustrator-crush. <3 font="">

Speaking of favorite, as for me TOP looks so cool when he dye his hair mint, so I love the third tees. Which one is your favorite? 


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