Saturday, April 06, 2013


Hi! I come back again. I'm just tooo happy to post this package that I receive yesterday. Ta daa!

It's a pop-up greeting cards that I got from exchange craft work project with my blogger fellas from Surabaya Adrea Kristiani. Seriously, it's just beyond cute don't you agree? I always obsessed with cute stuff. So yeah thank you Adrea! Your greeting cards has successfully made my day. <3 font="">

But folly me, I mistaken her name as Andrea. And it already printed on the notebook that I plan to send her. However, I'm still lucky because I haven't send it to her. So I plan to remake it tomorrow. 

Let's move to topic on. Talking about shopping, I'm in a MALL-DIET, everyone. Haven't heard about it? Okay, let me tell you. When you just chill around with your friends in mall, and not intended to buy anything but you found an up-to-70% discount on your favorite store, then you found an awesome piece of pants you love, perfect with 50% discount in the price tag. What will you do? Of course, buy it dong yah. But thought that you just spend your saving for shopping in the last week makes me feel guilty to buy it. So, I forcing my heart, to let go the 50% discount and went home with guilty. That's why I'm starting this mall-diet. Hahah.

Moreover, Semarang great sale will held next 7 April until 7 May. So, I'm better preparing my saving for this event. Yeah, save more to shop more. HAHAHA. Oh, and if you guys have a plan to visit Semarang, now is the best time because of malls, hotels, and many more will participated in Semarang great sale this year. You better not to missed it! (;

It's a shawl from cotton ink I just bought a couple week ago. The color is just so lovely that makes me finally hit the add-to-bag button on their website. But oh I forgot that I'm living in Semarang where the weather is sooooo damn hot. So, what can I do with the shawl? Someone told me that I could wear it as a hijab. So okay, maybe I just have to keep it till someday I gonna wear hijab.

It's already late night, better to go sleep now. Until the next post, bloggaz. Bye!


  1. nice card :)

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  2. lol to the mall diet, i really should do it myself! i love cottonink's strippes shawl too, it's too cute :)

    1. nah, you should start your own mall diet then. haha


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