Friday, May 17, 2013

Essential Things for Girl

Believe it or not, cutting hair is one of the most scary things for girls (especially if she have a long silky hair). Ehm, okay. Not for every girls maybe, yaaaa at least for me lah. Remember my haircut disaster post last year? I swear, that was a really bad memory.

Sooo many disappointing memory of cutting my hair makes me very selective when I decide to cut my hair. I know, hair is growing up each day. But who enjoy being in a bad look because of the haircut? Tell me who..

I don't matter the length, but the haircut model is indeed matter much for me. So, after a very long consideration I decide to cut my hair. At the first time, I want to go bob. But, think about my chubby cheek, I think bob gonna make me look like Dora. Sooo, I end up with, eeehm.. Tadaaaa~

Not really short though. But the best part is, I'm not regret my decision to cut my hair! Even I want to cut shorter than this for the first time. But yaaaah, it's okay laaah..

So guys, tell me what haircut that suits you the best?


This is what I promise on my last post. Cover of my current favorite song. You can check it here.



  1. Lovely inspiring blog <3


  2. look so good on you ko new hair cut nya =)

  3. you look lovely with your new hair ^^


  4. Cute haircut!


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