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Future Leader Summit 2013 - #FLSummit2013 Day 1

It was an amazing and memorable moment when I attend the Future Leader Summit 2013. The event was held for 2 days, from 18 until 19 May and take place in Semarang. Gathered with so many inspiring figure is inspire me a lot to do more for Indonesia. There are 6 room, the delegates should pick based on their interest. There are Human Rights room, Environment room, Education room, Business Development room, Health Care room, and also Art & Culture room. I kinda confused to choose one of the room available at the first time. But remember that the basic point of helping other people is humanity, I choose Human Right. There are 300 delegates selected among 500 more registrant. And lucky me, I got accepted on the room that I choose! So, let's straight to the event recap (;

Day 1
The first day of the event, we gathered at Sam Poo Kong on 08.00 AM before separated into 6 bus (each room in one bus). The agenda of the first day is City Tour and there's also the Networking Night. On the City Tour we guided to visit some inspiring place in Semarang which is different for each room. For my room (Human Right room) it self, we visit the School Of Life Foundation.


So basically, the School Of Life Foundation (TSOL) is a shelter for the unwanted people. The founder was a sightless yet inspirational woman, named Mbak Priskilla. She's taking care of the foundation together with her husband, Mas Fandy and some volunteers. Right now, there are about 50 more disciple (TSOL Family Member) she take care on her own house. I admire how humble she was. She said doing things this far just for the sake of her love towards those people. So dim sum yaa? (btw, dim sum actually means touching heart. Hehe)

 1 & 2 : The disciple (TSOL Family Member). 3 : Martin (the blue one in the middle) singing a song made by the diciple and Mas Fandy. Ohya, mbak Priskilla was the one in pink behind Martin and Mas Fandy was the one in the right corner playing instrument.

After fully charged by inspiration from The School Of Life, we headed to Kota Lama Semarang to continue our City Tour Agenda. It's a bit boring for me, because I have visited this place so often back then (I college in Semarang, remember?). Ohya, there are also our tour guide from community called Lopen Semarang (Lopen in Dutch means Walking around. So Lopen Semarang means Walking around Semarang. Keren yah?)

 clockwise from the right. Me, Nisa, Iren, and Lintang
Oh, didn't I tell you about some new friends I met there? I'm not a good person at friendship & even can't open my self easily towards strangers. But Lintang (@dinindyalintang), Iren (@irenesarahh) and Nisa (@AnnJasmine) are really warm and kind that makes me feel comfortable being together with them. Iren is from Planology ITB, and then Lintang is from Law Faculty, Undip and Nisa is from Psychology UI. Me & Iren were the only one representative of our university in Human Right room so we have no company and haven't know anyone at the first time. Lintang & Nisa were also haven't know anyone in our room so maybe that's the reason why we stick together during the event.
Mural art I found in front of Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery

A very huuuuuge banknote inside an album

Apparently, there's an exhibit in Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery. The building was still in Kota Lama area. The exhibit was tittled "Faraway so close" by Agung Nugroho Widhi. Mostly, the artistic work in this exhibit are talking about Semarang. Based on the theme, the artistic work here could be divided into 3 category that is memory, distance, and visibility.

 It's a tribute to Marco Simoncelli made by Yudi Sulistyo. Can you believe that it was all made from paper? GOD for sake!

Found an unique sculpture inside the building

Aaand, at 04.00 PM, we head back to the lodging in Badan Latihan Kerja Luar Negeri (BLKLN) to prepare for the Networking night. At 09.00 PM we went to Amartapura Grand Ballroom, Grand Candi hotel to attend the Networking night. 

Watching Aljabar live for the first time. Can't believe they're playing my favorite song, Flattery (it's become my favorite because I just know that one song, hehe)

The project leader of FLSummit, Muhamad Ibnu Sina @muhibnusina while giving speech on the Networking Night opening

Something bother me. As a graphic designer, I'm a kind of deplore the logo of FLS. The color combination was somehow didn't work. Red and yellow, and then shocking blue? Better to fix it, for the next year, pleasee. (:

Okay, back to the event. The networking night was good, and full of amazing performance including the Banceran traditional dance performance by Billy Castyana (he's also one of the delegates in my room, human right). There's also Mantra Sangit tranditional dance performance by Putri Amelia Rizkiana (I met her in the toilet after the performance. haha). And my favorite one was must be performance from PSM Undip (the Gundul-gundul pacul performance was sooo amusing). At around 11 PM, we went back to BLKLN.

I met soooo many inspiring people even on the first day of the event. Future leader summit was kinda awakening me to do more for other people, especially for my beloved country, Indonesia. Two days full of inspiration from youth generation all around Indonesia, I felt to blessed could involve in such an awesome event. Moreover, it's in Semarang while this kind of event mostly is held in Jakarta. Thank you sooooo much for all the FLSummit 2013 committees for such an amazing and really inspiring experience! Also thank you so much for the hard work and just like our taglines, Let's Integrate!

Wait for my next post to get update of the second day of FLSummit yaa (;

You can read the Day 2 Recap of FLSummit 2013 here.

The challenge is getting off your couch and making the conscious decision to turn your ideas into something real. 
PS! But you will always find a reason not to try. (: 

credit photo : Me & Iren 


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