Saturday, May 04, 2013

Hello May..

Hello May..
I just can't believe it was 4 months away from January. 2013 been so much progressing. And April was good for me, tho I found out that I'm being a little bit selfish for my surrounding. I promise to do better this month onwards..

But hey, can't I liberating my self? I'm just sick of forced to do something I'm not passionate. Sometime I wish to flee myself from routines, doing things that I've never done before. Maybe like fled to any island I've never been, doing craziest things I want to do alone without worry if someone will notice. 
I do enjoy my life. Doing normal things everyday makes me feel alive. And so doing things I love to do also embellish my day. But hey, the workaholic craving for some rest here.. (:

So May, please just let me experience the less-frustratingg day. 
Bless my family with prosperity so I can give more for others. 
And everything that would be good for me, and also everyone.. 


Hey, so sorry for the inconsistency while blog in Garten Paradise. I'm losing my focus and mistaken this blog as my experimentation object. I do think about to make another blog (a niche blog to be spesific) to put some of my application & gadget review article. I've made it actually, but I still have to work on the theme, and bla bla bla. In sum, it hasn't ready for blog. So yeah, please wait until it settled (;
And maybe you can found me on my wordpress more often from now on. Sometime it just simpler to write in Bahasa when it comes to complain about something that bother your mind. Hehe 

I do getting addicted of Soundcloud recently. I plan to cover some of my favorite songs. I think it would be fun! Anyone also have a SoundCloud account here?


Pict credit : Tumblr 


  1. Thanks for your comments. Loving your amazing blog

  2. keep up kak for your blossom May ever :D

  3. nice post :)

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  4. Good luck on the preparation for your gadget blog and hope May will be your best month ever :)

  5. hello
    im devina from indonesia

  6. waaaaa new layout ya, more chic more refreshing... keren2 ;)
    That's ok for inconsistently, you will find what's fits you (and your readers) the most and it takes (years) time

    Herdiana Surachman

  7. Oh once more, your analytic blog is better than the other fashion blogger who with their aggressiveness in blogwalking hahaha

    1. hahaa. aah, what a compliment dari blogger sekelas Kak Herdi pulak. So thank youu. Oh, and also thanks for following back. ((:


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