Friday, January 18, 2013

New year balade

Happy new year, everybody! \m/

Since my last post was pretty old, this first post of 2013 kinda make me feel like a new-born blogger. How's your 2013 so far? Mine is pretty good (alhamdulillah) while I still am busy finishing my late-organization digital magazine as it should be posted on last 14 January. Wish me many bless from Allah so I could finish it by this weekend. Amen!

Don't you agree that starting a new year is always feel exciting? Some people are come up with some new-year-resolution while some are not intended to do such because they afraid it wouldn't be happen. Which kind-of-person are you? Well, as for me, I never have any resolution every new-year. Not because I'm afraid that it couldn't be happen, but I think life is full of something surprising. And living by those resolution-rule is a NO for me.

But I do wish my self to be a better person than last year. More wise, more mature, more calm, and achieve more of my all-time-dreams. I do wish a better living for other people too, for earth, also for my beloved country, Indonesia. As for earth, now I start to carry my shopping stuff on my own bag (girls always have their bag on while out, right?) so it will reduce the use of plastic. Or maybe you can start by take a bath once a day to save water? (ah, no. Just kidding, baby!).

Looking back at 2012, I was blessed that it give me so much lesson and memories, both bad and great. But I have to thank that these were something that made me the way I am now. (:

Okay, let's move the topic on. Look what I got last night!

As I start to make a digital magaziine for my campus organization, I feel like my art-soul flare up inside. And without I realize, I start to buy much magazine, compare them, and analize what should I do to make such a great magazine. This far, I ever try Cosmo girl, Go girl!, Elle, and even the freebies magazine like  Freemagz! and and Speak!. 

But now, I could say Go Girl was my best-buy this far. I love how Go Girl! always come up with sucha informative article every month. Or how Elle decorate their simple yet stylish layout (such a fab & brilliant magazine). And I'm so amazed by Freemagz! and Speak!, how they could make such an awesome, informative and perfect free magazine like that. God bless them who's made those magazine such a wonderful piece to read. 
That Go Girl! January 2013 issue and Young On Top book by 5 inspiring people will be my mood stimulus that accompany me by this weekend. So, I hope you guys would also enjoy your wonderful weekend! Ah, I still have 4 days of final exam next week. Wish me a best best luck guys! ((:


  1. Happy new year blogger chingu! :D all the best to you.
    Wow you make digital magazine for your campus? Cool~~~~(^O^)

  2. hey kell :DD thankyou udah ikut giveaway blog ku yaaa! good luck for your examss :DD

  3. goodluck kelli ☺
    wish the best luck for ya!


  4. goodluck for your exams! anw, don't forget to join my giveaway! :)

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  5. agree with you. when i have a big project (and i have a couple ones this year) comin' up, it feels like i have to get all those ideas out of my head! it can be a burden sometimes but all's well. anyway i agree with you--ELLE is one of my fave fashion magazines. But just fyi, there are still so many magz out there that are so much cooler. the alternative ones can give you amazing perspective, such as Dazed & Confused, Interview, even Purple (but only if you can stand nudity).

    Have fun and good luck with your project! :)

    Cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

    SUPERNICE -- win Blackberry Davis in my #giveaway!

    1. yes, I should give a try to another magazine. I think I start to get addicted of them. I heard Dazed and Confused is amazing. thanks for the comment, dear..

  6. Replies
    1. hihi, yes. I've been hunting for looks too, actually. (:

  7. happy belated new year, kell :D hope you have a great year ahead yaaa! btw, gw jg suka bgt sm gogirl - asli indo lagi! hahaha


    1. thanks kak Sartob. (:
      iya kak, Moran family surely doing a great job.

  8. Wish you a very good luck for your magazine project.
    seriously i am so proud to have an amazing relation like you :')

    1. thank you Ninoo! Alhamdulillah, it has released tonight. (:
      so do you. Keep inspiring yaa.

  9. Good luck on your magazine project! :D

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