Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dot Semarang meet up

I'm sorry it's been long since my last post. I just busy writing on some other project and well truthfully I'm kinda lazy doing anything lately (even for blogging) so yeah. But well, I feel like writing now because I just had a meet up last night with a community called Dot Semarang (@dotsemarang). Basically, it's a community of blogger based in Semarang.
Yeah you know, finally I found some particular people share the same interest on blogging as (or maybe more than) what I do. Well long time before last night, I just know some Semarang blogger like @andudei and @danaparamita. But actually, they're a bunch! Thanks for Dot Semarang who has been super kindly to invite me and some of my friend from doscomedia to join this meet up so we could get to know some other blogger from Semarang. 

This lift is just so small. seriously.. lol
The point of last night meet up is that they have a project (uhm, probably more into competition) called Liga Blogger Indonesia (LBI). Such an intriguing competition that makes me challenged to join. But yeah of course it need extra consistency to collect the point. Ohya, you can check their site here and more information about LBI here

Talking about meet up, my blogger fellas from Jagger (Jakarta Blogger) also just had a meet up last Saturday (read the meet up post from Vania here). I really wish to come and join them but I can't because I actually live in Semarang. But if you guys live in Jakarta and wish to be a part of Jagger, you could simply contact Vania from Pudding Monster or Fahmy from My Whispering Style. I heard they're talking about some project too. 

Anyway, I feels like having rough week lately. Too many things happen and make me realize that I'm not doing as good as I thought. A moment when even yourself couldn't understand what you exactly want. This is bother me a lot, seriously. Until I feel like wanna join a yoga class to calm my self down and to learn to control my emotion.

I'm working on a project to make a digital magazine (it called EOS) along with my university organization so maybe I should neglect this blog for a quite time. Plus, I have final examination on next January (your pray could be help me much). But we still could keep in touch on twitter or instagram because I'll be there often. I promise to do touch up on my blog soon after everything settled. See you next year. Bye! ((;


  1. you really had a fun day i guess

  2. wow you guys look so friendly :)
    come to jakarta keli !! and meet jaggers :D

  3. I know that feeling..i feel totally lost when i don't know what i want and what i have to do...

  4. looks like alot of fun!

    X Jenny

  5. aa coba di surabaya ada beginian. seems like a great event :D


  6. such a great meet up kell :) akhirnya bs ketemuan sm sesama blogger jg n share the same interest ya ;) seruuuu!


  7. good luck for your final exam kelimutu!
    happy new year :D

  8. so fun ^^

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