Monday, January 28, 2013

Too late to sleep, too early to stop

Just a quick post before I pull my blanket and sleep. So, it's finally released. The EOS magazine that I'm talking about in my last post. I'm so grateful for this. 

Thank you so much for the crew who has been so nice to help me bring off this magazine. Thank you guys, Reza, Dipa, Dwica, Punky, Nurul, Septi, Desi, and Fajar. Thank you for the editor who has been so "rempong" complaining about every single typo in the magazine. Thank you for everyone who has been contribute creating this magazine, Bang Jojon, my matriculation friends Anzie, Widy, also for Indra, Kholid. And also thank you for the readers! I hope this simple magazine could bring a new inspiration for you though just a tiny piece. Thank you for your appreciate by reading this magazine! (:

Lastly, here is the magz:

PS!I'll have my last exam tomorrow. Soon after that, I will be free in the whole February. I hope I could do the touch up here soon. bye! (:


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