Monday, May 30, 2011

that's my BEAUTIFUL FUTURE.. :)

Let's take a look on my blog?? I change almost everything. The background, banner, color, and whatsoever. Is that just super cute?? I just like pastel color nowadays because I think it reflects warmth, and I feel so peace when I see pastel colors. To be honest, my favorite color is green and white, but I love all kind of pastel color too.

And yeah, my life is pretty much fun this week. I mean, I meet my old friends, and about my graduation, and everything. So because pretty much happy now, I decide to change my blog appearance too. I hope it brings me  an effect to always being happy in the next time.

well,, anyway.. I still can't believe that my high school time is over. I spent such a fast time there. I've learn many thing for this 3 years. All the smile, laugh, tears, story, all the things in high school has already make me getting mature. And yeah,, it can't just that easily to forget. 3 years seems like too short for joyful moment such in high school. I'm gonna miss you so much guys!! ^0^

Hmm.. My mind is full of thoughts about college honestly. I think, I'm a bit afraid for my next step. I mean, I'm not that fully sure about my choice. I just worry whether if I've made a right decision or not. Teknik Informatika?? Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Udinus?? I still can't believe I'm gonna be college student. And to be honest, I can't believe about my track more. No matter how much I want to be an interior designer, I just can't turn down my destiny now. However, my lecture schedule has planned on next June and everyone know that it's a really fast time. 

Now there is really no other option but to walk on what have been planned now. Regrets also not used now. Besides, I'm not kind of person who likes to regret the step I've taken. Now what?? -_-

Even if I rack my brain to think about what I have to do now, I still can't get a clear answer. But I know for sure that I have to responsible for my life. I mean, even it's not me that have made this decision, but I still have to responsible because I don't have other option. And I think, Udinus is not that bad. I just wanna face the fact now. 

Maybe I just too much dreaming. Dream about how interesting if I become a designer, and how fun if I have my house that I have built it my self. Yeah.. ._.

Now we don't have much time to relax
Because there's a BEAUTIFUL FUTURE waiting for me to get up from my dream and face the fact 
that she have to act with certain step

 I have to get out from my safe zone and prove the world that I can reach my highest dream and life happily ever after.

Pretty much it. 
kelimutu. xoxo.
 bye!!!!!! ^^


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