Friday, May 27, 2011

I hate to say 'goodbye' to you guys!!

Whoohoo!! Finally.. After 3 years of books, exams, and whatsoever, I can officially announce you that I'm a Vocational Scool graduates. *claps!! plok plok plok!!

Just have my graduation ceremony today. I think that is one of my unforgettable moment of my life. Feeling random exactly. Happy, sad, confused. Ehm, but the happy is the biggest one for getting hmm 90% of the chart. Being happy because I meet everyone that I damn miss them so much, and because of our 100% complete graduated student, and for such a glorious ceremony, almost everything on today is making me happy. But the sad side is because its seems like everything is gonna be over. I mean, everyone is saying "hey, this is our last day". And I just like "hey, are you going to die?" *ups, sorry just joke. I mean, "Oh, come on! I know we have a good time for our 3 years. We have so much fun, laugh, smile, jokes, and so much wonderful moment. Honestly, I feel so sad too. I know I'm going to miss the time we have spent together, but I just look forward and realizing one straight point. That time maybe is beautiful, but we have to responsible to our own life. We still have to fight on the next step of our life. There's still a plenty things to do. I mean, we just can't stuck on our high school time, right? Life must go on guys! I have no regret to leave my hometown to come to Purwokerto and spend my 3 years to study, share something, learn to be more wise, learn to being mature. If there's a time machine in this world, I wish I could rewind it to my high school time. But the time just can't go back."

Feeling happy for 15 students who gets the big five of 3 studies program on my school. My 2 classmates is on the following big five on TJA study program. Bikin envy aja tuh mereka.. =="

Anyway,, being a little bit confuse about something. But I think I'm just too tired to talk about it. It's morning already, and I don't have sleep yet. Maybe I talk about it next time,okay??

Ah ya,, I just read a wonderful poetry made by Ichaa. Well,, I like it to death! I mean, this poetry is seems like represents my feeling recently.

Allah , boleh aku letih sebentar saja ?
Semuanya terasa gelap .
Ruang ruang yang harusnya benderang terasa begitu gulita.

ingin aku meluapkan segudang kekecewaan yang hingga kini bertahan dan belum juga enyah dari hatiku.

Allah , aku tau Engkau selalu ada jika aku benar benar mendekat kepadaMu .

Allah , aku terjatuh lagi . Boleh aku terlelap sebentar sebelum aku bangun ?

Allah , ketika aku benar benar tak ada kekuatan untuk menjawab semua pertanyaan tentang hidup, boleh sebentar saja aku berfikir tentang itu?

Allah , mengapa aku terasa begitu lelah ? Banyak hal yg membutuhkan semangatku .

Tapi mengapa seakan lebih banyak hal yang membuatku jatuh semakin dalam ?
Mengapa belum juga aku temukan kekuatanku sendiri ?

Lagilagi aku berfikir tentang orang orang yang menyakiti hatiku.
Boleh aku mengumpat mereka sebentar saja ? Hanya untuk memberi obat hatiku Allah ,sebentaar saja

Allah , boleh aku memandang ia jahat karna telah membuatku menangis ? Sebentar saja Allah, sampai air mataku berhenti dan tersenyum lagi.

Allah , boleh aku mengabaikannya saat aku membutuhkannya tapi ia tak ada ? Sebentar saja Allah , sampai aku sadar bahwa aku mampu tanpa dia.

Allah , aku ingin meyakinkan orangorang yang menyayangiku ..

Allah , aku ingin membuat mereka tak marah karna selalu melihatku mengeluh kepadaMu

Allah , aku ingin membuat mereka tersenyum melihatku bangun .

Allah , inikah sebuah pembelajaran ?

Allah , aku tau semua jawaban telah Kau beri untukku .

Allah , ijinkan satu persatu kujawab pertanyaanku sendiri melalui nafas yg Kau isi dengan lantunanMu Allah
I will never give up!!
I believe, my next step is gonna be more beautiful than today. :)

What comes is BETTER than what came

just believe it

Ah ya,, I forget to tell you guys. I'm so sorry.. My Lie to me's synopsis project maybe would canceled because I think it's too hard for me. And I have to start my martikulasi on 10 June so I think I will not have enough time to make the synopsis. Hopefully I could make one in the future. I'm so sorry. But you can watch it online on Azdrama or Dramaload. For the last time, I feel damn bad for you guys for not keep my promise. :)


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