Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm just fine, okay?

What I always dreamed of in this world is when I say "I'm fine!" but someone is telling me "You're not. I know it. Come here, I give you my shoulder". Uhhh,, I really need it badly now!!

Arrrrgh! Sometime I want to be someone else. Someone who have a life better than mine. Perfect. Is there any perfect life in this world? Chhh,, stupid question. NOTHING. So I can be calmer now. There's no perfect life in this world, mut!

Okay, maybe you ever felt like you're the unluckiest people in this world. But look, there's more thing worse than yours. Just thank to your god that you still have a complete body, family, and everything you have in this world. You have to thanks for it. 

Fall, is an ordinary situation of life. It just the process to make  people understand about their mistakes and make it up so you will not do it anymore in the future. The positive side is, Fall making someone become stronger than someone who never felt it. 


Close your eyes now
Take a deep breath.. 
Imagine that you are in the super beautiful place with someone you love.. 
Imagine that you got everything you want to have
Isn't that make you happy and smiling now??
If yes, you can open your eyes, and look around you. 
It was just your dream.
Now you have to wake up from your sleep.
But don't be sad, guys!
You still on the beginning of your story. 
There's million thing you have to reach now. 
So lift your head up!
You have plenty things to do

Broke? you call me I'm broke now? anniyo! I'm just fall down. You know, broke and fall down is different. Broke is crash and need a super glue to make it up. I like fall down rather than broke. Because fall down mean that I can get up anymore next time.

Rather than aiming for being perfect,
aim for being better than you were yesterday. :) 

So, let's forget everything now. 
Try to find a reason to smile.
And now, let me take a picture of you. 


See? you smiling now. :)


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