Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm curious, why people being happy on a farewell party?

hi!! I certainly sure if post man is suddenly becoming an important person today. I even find him on his office but the fact is, THE POST OFFICE IS CLOSED. May I ask why?? why in this critical situation, they actually closed?? whooah,, super duper suck. Oh,, fortunately I heard from my own teacher that I HAVE GRADUATED!! hellyeah!!

Maybe everyone is wanna say "Let's party it up!". Actually,, I just want to answer it like this "Oh come on, what the hell that for?". I will underline the "what is that for" sentence. I'm not going to say that I hate party, have fun, or something. I just don't really like it. I mean, don't like is not the same as hate,, okay?
I know, sometimes I feel it too. Some feelings that "hey,, I want to feel it too", "hey, let's catch some nice dress for the farewell party". I ever think about it, I admit it. But, the most annoying feeling is when I feel "what if some friends is otherwise not graduate, or "what if some of my friend is get sick and can't go to the farewell party?" and sooo on. There's many thought that make me unsure to going there or not. And I swear,, my biggest reason for not coming there, is because of the ROAD. You know,, I live in Tegal, so if I want to attend the farewell party, I must be on Purwokerto on 20th May. Ohh,, god! you know,, the road that connecting between Tegal and Purwokerto is affected by landslide. Oh my.. I really can't bear my self for the super long traffic jam. Hell no!!
Okay,, but despite of it all, honestly,, now,, I'm a  little bit passionately to going. Yeah!! It's because my school is 100% passed this year, so I think I have to celebrate it. I mean,, I celebrate for our graduation,, and not for the farewell. But let's just see if I coming or not..

Sooo,, I think its so boring to talk about farewell party all day. It's because my life is getting better than the farewell party part. I mean, I really enjoy it nowadays. You know my biggest dream right? its about interior designer,, and I feel like I'm a real designer now. It's because, you know my new room,, like everybody that know me would know that I never want to live in a room without decorate it up. hellyeah.. ^^ so,, you got what I mean?? I mean, I have a new project. yippie!!

Things I like the most nowadays :
1. Korean drama
    yes! I totally fell in love with it. I mean from "endless love", till "dream high" and till the next next next drama. The next target is "lie to me" because Yoon Eun Hye (my favorite korean actress) is become the main cast. Naega jeongmal joh-ae. yeah! you know what?? I even learn hangul now. let's just see how long I will master it. hihiiii..

2. Papercraft
    Maybe when you entered to my room, you will got confused if its a room or studio. My room is full of papercraft toy, paper, cutter, scissor, glue, and so on. Yeah! I getting freak of thats stuff already. I will post you the picture next time.

3. Blazer, Cardigans, and vest
    I don't know why. But I think,, I've already fell in love with that stuff. I mean, thats all is super cute..
The white mini blazer.. uhm.. it's totally gorgeous!! love it! <3
the greenish white vest. ommo! that's my favorite color!

okay,, I think I talk a lot tonigh. so, bye!
see you next post!
.Rizki Dwi Kelimutu. 


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