Friday, April 29, 2011

let's make the world into a papercraft

Hey,, how's your life?? isn't that good?? mine is pretty flat already. Just gohta loooooooong holiday because the final examination and uhm,, nothing to do now..

So,, I decide to make my own self being busy with every kind of stupid little activity like (tadaaaaaaaaaaa) make a papercraft.. I just got several papercraft design from some website and uhm I think I try to waste my printer tint for make a suhper lot of papercraft with many kind of color.
There's something I can get from making a papercraft. That is how it change some ugly character into something more cute.. I wish I always can change a bad situation into the happy one too.. Yeahh,, me is just too mellow this lately day..
And tonight I become an owl again such a several night ago.. I'm just suddenly aware about something I almost forgot. I used to be a coffee freak in the past year. But I decide to stop for maybe this year.. But, it's holiday.. And I just feel confused about how to make my time to be qualified enough. So I just grab everything that thrown at me because I really can't be such an unployment person. Now that I have an unordinary schedule such everyone because I work in the night and slept in the morning. That's weird because I'm ahh almost forget how it feel to have such an insomnia symptom just like my past year. I can't even close my eyes because I'm not feel sleepy or something. I'm the kind of person that sleep when sleepy, and eat when hungry, or maybe take a bath when get smell bad (oh no,, the last one is just a joke). It doesn't matter how I got a hard day, I'm still being an owl.. Work in the night, and sleep in the morning.
And yeah I through a hard day yesterday.. I feel my body is want to crash immadiately because of the motorcycle.. Could you imagine how it gonna be to get to Semarang for about 4 hours and with a motorcyle. Ahh,, you supposed to know how bad it is.. I swear never do it anymore.. And you know I got my bigest enemy ever now.. It is TRUCK!!!!! You know what?? TRUCK is soooooooo suck. I hate it to the core. I hate because my whole body is going to be more black because of it fog. Bahh..

Well,, actually feeling sorry for some people. There's my friend from Ungaran.. She lose her mother exactly when she finish her exam. I can't imagine how it feel. I'm just too afraid to imagine it. I bring my condolence for her and even her big family. Hopefully they able to endure for face this fact. And for my classmate, Sivi.. I heard that she got typus disease. If Tegal Cilacap can be trough for just one hour, I'll come to her place and just try to push her to keep strong. I don't know why. Sivi is maybe a limp person. I don't think that she can get sick like this time.. Feel sorry for her both..

And that so my parents. I feel sorry for them too. I know,, there's no special occasion or something,, I just feel bad for being a stubburn child among my last 17 years. They supposed to be sick of my bad habit too. I got a lot of bad habit. And for everything I do in this world, even if I try to make em happy for proud of myself, I just can't get enough. I want more for give them million smile.. I really love them both.. 

sooo.. okay.. I think it sleep time for me. Hopefully you got a nice day all.. 


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