Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We born into what we have learn

I just suddenly think about how someone could grow up with different mindset. I think it's not just about what families they come from, or their social status, or even how thick their pockets. I think it all depends on the environment around them. When they grew up in a blue environment, then they will become blue. When they grow up in a black neighborhood, then they will become black too.
Besides the environment, television and their daily activities are also highly influenced. I really disappointed to realized how my little brother could be a child who is no longer I know.
Punk, an absurd band, red spiky hair, now is who he is now. Absolutely absurd style. I’m not saying that I hate a certain style. I just don’t want it if my brother become one of them.
I’m not going to make an opinion that they’re got sloppy style. I believe they are all good people and do that because they want to express themselves. I also ever thought that they were cool before I woke up and realized that I had my own style. Beside from all that, I just don’t want that young children who are innocently affected by their style.
The children should grow not based on television or in certain communities. They should grow with the full attention of their family so that’s impossible to formed an uncontrollable child.

Ahhhh,, it just too heavy topic, isn’t? I think I just on random thought. And now I feel so tired because of that. Really starving in the middle of this night. Wanna catch some food first.. 


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