Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's not about what we get from our state, but what we can give for em..

ohkay.. Let's start it.. Maybe April is just another ordinary month. But not for the 21th April. It was the substantiation of girl power. I always appreciate a woman who do the best on her life to prove to the world that the woman also have power to make it happen. 

I believe they do it not just because wanna get a praise from the others but because with their successfulness it means that they're spread their happiness to the others. I believe they do it not just for their self, but for everyone who support, and care and something who always push them to do something better.

ehmm,, by the way, I got several figure of Indonesian woman who I admire the most. Its not just about their achievement, but what they do is something amazing that has motivated many people to move forward. That's the most precious effect from what other people do. 

Okay.. Here she is .. 
  • R. A. Kartini

         When I was child, I believe that hero is a person that helping the other people when they're in such an emergency situation. But now I have 17, so I have another opinion. I think hero is someone who doing something amazing in their live and influence the other that everyone can do the same thing like them too if they have a motivation to make it happen.
         That is R. A Kartini. She's the role motivator of Indonesian woman. Hero is the maker of incredible changes in the world. Everyone know that habit is a really hard thing to changed. But I think there's another one that harder than that. That is someone "way of thinking". But she prove that nothing can not do in this world. Woman in the past that maybe just becoming a guardinan's house, but she has succeed to make people changed their mind that woman also have a right. She has prove to the world that woman also have a power to do something amazing in their live. 

  • Agnes Monica

        I know that feeling when everyone know about my highest dream, I try all my best to make it happen, even when there's another people that underestimate me that I will never reach it, but all I can do is just keep walking and keep doing my thing. And when the time is come, it will prove to the world that everything what I've done is never wasting. I will not feel ashamed if I can't reach my highest dream because the most important thing in my life is an effort to do something. I love the process of something. I don't really care about the result because result is just the gift of our effort. I believe god will bring us as much as what we have done. 
        That is what I took from Agnes Monica. She's such a modern hero who has motivate many people (including me) to keep doing our best although many people is underestimate us. 

  • Diana Rikasari

        Maybe this is the feeling when someone doing an online dating. They're never met each other before, but they feel like they know all about each other, they even believe that their couple is a nice person even never met before. 
        I think that's what I feel since the first time I know about Diana Rikasari blog (the hot chocolate and mint). I know, I never met her before, but I like her style, her photos, even her "way of thinking". Honestly, she's the one of my role motivator to make a blog and keep on blogging till now. 
        I don't know why I like her, but I think it's not just about her cool style or her cute way of fashion. I prefer to her "way of thinking". I even prefer her "thoughts" post or her "miscellaneous" post than her "fashion diary" post. haha.. I know her way of fashion is cute and I like it too, but I like her words more than her fashion style.

That's all what I can do to celebrate the Kartini's Day. I hope woman is always being a powerfull person.


  1. selamat hari Kartini, selamat hari Perempuan Nasional...^^

    *salam kenal

  2. @meike : sama-sama, dear..
    salam kenal juga.. :)


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