Thursday, July 07, 2011

Damn. I miss you so much! :*

\(^o^)/ yeaaah!! I finally drop here in my blog again.. I swear, I've been miss you so much.

I'm a bit busy for this week since my "matrikulasi activity" been extended until 22'nd July. Yeayy,, damn it. That's not because I hate my new lecture or something. It just because I wish I can have my holiday back just like everyone. Why I should to have lecture while my friends having fun on their holiday? I miss my "Lazy day". But it's ohkay.. :)

Yeah,, I really feel sorry for Hazhuna for not keeping my promise to treat her blog well. Maybe she think that I ignored her blog. But the truth is,, I really don't have an oportunity to doing my blog work because I'm lack of internet conectivity. I'm so sorry Hazhuna.. Mianhae.. :(

Let's talk about my "Matrikulasi". I'm pretty much interested in the begining. But it getting boring day by day. I mean,, I still don't get the "fun side" of it. But, I meet some new friends there. It's been my first time live in Semarang so I don't really get their language accent. I sometime don't understand what are they talking about.

And yeah. You know what? I meet my old friend in my matrikulasi class. He's Azhar. I don't recognize him for the first time. I just realized that he's my old friend when I look at his facebook profile on our matrikulasi group. Hhaha.. Then I ask him on the next day. And he seems like know me since the first time but he not notice me first. But, it clear now.

Hommie now. I got home this afternoon and found that the TV in my room is gone. I look for it, and found that it was used by my lil brother to play Play Station. Huh! so sad that tonight I can't watch korean drama freely just like usual. Argggh! I hate my lil brother. Thankfully that my father will come home tomorrow so he can move my TV back to my room. Oh,, come on dad! Hurry up, because I miss you too.. :*

Huah,, this two girl is made my day recently. I spend much time with them on our new life in Semarang. 

kinda sleepy guys..
Anyeong!! ^o^


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