Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Korean fever part 2..

Hellah people.. ^^
I'm back again. So, we gonna continue our post yesterday about korean fever.. 
Mmm,, where should I start? What about talking kpop now? Yes, kpop. Well,, I personally love bigbang, 2pm, super junior, beast, 2NE1, and IU. Well,, I actually like them not only because their well-appearance. I prefer to their talent, hard work, and their personal ability. 

Why bigbang?

I feel weird towards my friends who like these kind of boyband. I think these guys is looks so gay (ups). But, that's just my feeling before I know bigbang. I mean, they're perfectly cool.
When I love something, that's not only about their cool style. I love people who have an awesome ability and handle it well even if people tell that they're already have everything on their life but they keep try to doing everything on their best.
I love Taeyang with his incredible dance ability. 

G-Dragon with his cool fashion style.

And also Seungri and Daesung with their great voice. And yeah, I love TOP too. I think he have ummmm,, mysterious voice maybe. And yeah, I love his frightening face (kekeke..).

Why 2PM??
Well,, I love em because they have a great song. I totally like their new song (Hands up). It just so cheering and exciting.
Wooyoung is so cute and he has a great voice. I'm also love his acting in Dream high when he played a role as Jason. Wooyoung and IU looked so cute together (bahkan gue lebih suka Woo-IU couple than Suzy-Soo Hyun couple). 

And yeah, my Taecyeon Oppa (Oppa : beloved older brother). Well, I don't really like american rapper because they usually looks fierce. But not for this one rapper. Because my Taecyeon oppa is just soooo cute. He is my only favorite rapper.

And Nickhun Oppa. He's so talented and monsterly handsome. He referred as Thai prince because he is from Thailand. 

And I think these guys have an incredible great dance talent. I always love their MV. You rock, guys!

Why Suju??

It's because they have an awesome song such as sorry sorry, bonamana, and perfection. But honestly, I just can recognize several member of them. Because they're just too much (gue ampe pusing kadang liat suju). 
I just know Siwon, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Shindong. 

Why BEAST ??

Because they look good. Their dance, their song, I love 'em. <3 <3 <3

Why 2NE1 ??

They're R.O.C.K baby!!! I love their their kind of music. 2NE1 maybe just the only girl band I adore. Becoz they have a different style from the other girl band.
Minji's voice was sooo cool. And of course Dara, Bom, and CL have a great voice too. They all have a different color of voice but they mix it becoming a great music. KOOL girls!! Keep it up!

Why IU??

Because she's a complete package. I mean, she's cute and also have a great voice. I monsterly adore her voice. She's a great singer. <3 <3 <3

^^ : So, that's all the hallyu star I like. Well,, I'm not kind of person who too fanatic into something. When I adore someone, I just adore their talent and ability and I don't really care about their personal life. Because I do believe that they're just human. I think that's not wise to judge someone life's. So, just be a good fan and keep support your idol whoever they are. ^^


  1. Same like you, I like BIG BANG the best! Not because their face(Well I think they're not really handsome but they're charismatic), and I like Big Bang because their Music. Yeah their music totally AWESOME!

    Nice blog ^^

  2. Waaaah,, kak Zola maen ke blog-ku..
    hei unnie.. I'm a fan of your blog.

    Yeah,, u're rite. They're not that handsome (except GD XP),, but totally charismatic. Yes,, they're have an awesomely cool music..

  3. fans? Oh thank you dear ^^

    for me, Top is the handsome one hehehe XD

  4. yes unnie,, I'm a huge fan of your wonderful blog.. X)

    yeah,, I love TOP too..
    his voice is sounds umm,, kinda mysterious maybe? hahaaa..

    zolla,, can't wait for your next heartstrings recaps.. >,<

  5. hi , i like 2pm and ui too. hahahah, you know? i agree with you ,Woo-IU is sweet couple than Suzy-Soo Hyun in dream high they are so funny couple :D.

  6. @sabrina : see?? they looks so cute together, rite??


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